Tuesday, April 27, 2010


So, breaking news. I, the alleged reformed shop-a-holic, was spotted at the mall today. Well, I don't think anyone really saw me. But I saw myself in the mirrors that are always by the jewelry stores. However, I spent the trip living in fear that someone would see me and say "Wow, that chick is a dirty liar." However, do not fret. I am not a liar! I had a successful mall trip and did not make a single purchase. So why would I go trotting into the lion's den if I am not shopping for a year??? Because my fabulous and fantastic step-mom Debi (you can find her on FB and friend request her, but she is fairly selective so she'll probably deny) wanted a personal shopper for some new sweaters that were not black. So, I put in my 8 (and some) hours at work and headed on over. On an unrelated note, that new Jay-Z song is really catchy and I rather enjoy that it is always on the radio, regardless of the time I'm driving. So anyways, we meet at Macy's and the first thing I see as we go through the mall is the cutest, and I mean cutest, window display Victoria's Secret has ever had. Ever. I wanted to go in and buy every single pair of sweats they sell in hopes that I'd be half as cute as that window. But oh yeah, I don't do that. So instead, I took a picture of it. Because the next time I go to the mall will be many, many moons from now and it will probably be a crappy "back to school" window with a bunch of plaid. Yuck. So we of course browsed Williams Sonoma, which is a safe zone as far as I'm concerned. But the only sample they had was 3 day old french bread that you could toast- which it is sadly safe to say Dairy Queen's toast would probably be better. Regardless, we went to the Gap, for sweaters- and found none- as apparently you can only buy shorts and tanks right now. I wouldn't know, as I can't buy anything. Since we were so close, it would only make sense to browse the Dillard's shoes. I think it was worse than when you get a zit before a big presentation or something- yep it was that hopeless. Nothing I could do but feel sorry for myself. Also- before we get started- I want to let everyone know that if you click the pictures, they show up full size. So feel free to take a big screen look at these beauties. So first, these:

...because why not? Why wouldn't they be so sparkly? Why wouldn't it be getting warm out? Why wouldn't it be perfect weather to wear perfect sparkly sandals with?? Ok so I lie sometimes, it was hailing outside. But still. Devastating. SO I continue strolling along and BOOM:

Obviously, someone would go out of their way to JAM PACK two of my favorite things together into one shoe. Nude patent leather and a wedge heel. They would look SO NICE on my shoe shelf in my closet. So nice. And last, but most certainly not least-

Okay, okay. Since we're being honest, I probably would never wear these in real life. Well I mean I'd wear them maybe to dinner, but if I went dancing after- these bad boys would be in my purse, scratchin' up my sunglasses or something. But still, they were pretty to look at.

Anyways, it genuinely wasn't that hard of a trip. I actually was somewhat relieved that I am "not buying clothes for a year," because I probably would have bought one, if not more, of those pairs of cute shoes and then be irritated when I had to reorganize my closet.

However... new development. I realized the mall is my main source to get a Wetzel's Pretzel. So does this mean I have to go 365 days without an oversized pretzel covered in butter and salt?? Let's hope not. So, if anyone is planning a shopping trip in the near future, I've learned I do (currently) have the strength and power to resist new clothes and accessories, just not pretzels. Please invite me along :) :)

Lastly, for those who are curious- Debi found an ADORABLE lime green cardigan, on sale, at Old Navy. It fits her personality quite well. Also, Anya the weiner dog got a new pink rain coat, which I am certain she'll love.

Until next time...

Thursday, April 22, 2010


WOW! Thank you so much to everyone for the amazing feedback on this blog. I didn't expect such a large response. In fact, I assumed that Casey, Brett, and Rachel will be the only readers. (By "Casey, Brett, and Rachel," I actually mean Casey and Rachel, as Brett gets to hear me babble for about 19 hours a day and may or may not actually read each post. Which is cool). So first off, a gigantic MUCHAS GRACIAS to everyone who is now following and reading. In fact, IF I COULD, I'd buy that Free People "ThankYou Tee" (pictured above) and I'd wear it all over town. But oh wait, I can't. Because I can't buy new clothes. Crap. Anyways. It is about that time where I curl up in some healing boots (snuggly socks) (you know, that you like sleep in. they're fuzzy and not meant to wear with shoes) (will probably devote an entire post to healing boots at some point) (do healing boots count as clothes???)... so anyways. Time for the healing boots and some deep sleep. Because tomorrow, I have to go to work and keep earning all that money... that I can't spend on clothes. Goodnight!!

PS. I have a great, longer post coming over the weekend. I have this job thing that doesn't allow me to update each hour on the hour. I just wanted to hammer in the fact that I will definitely be updating often and that I am SO GRATEFUL that you'll be reading!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

And away we go...

Hello! My name is Kelli Ryder. I am 22 years old, and my favorite thing to do is go shopping. I always claimed I didn't have to BUY things, but that is a blatant lie. I thought I just loved to look- I liked to see all the pretty clothes in their pretty display, but no... I love to buy things. I set a budget to buy things. Nothing makes me happier than coming home, with my new things, and arranging them in my pretty and organized closet. In fact, the closet part is as good as the buying. I live to organize my closet. I want each shoe a certain way, each top in it's spot. Don't even get me started on the dresses, as I can't come up with a suitable arrangement so I simply lose sleep trying to figure out where they should go. I'm actually moving soon- and my primary concern for a new place is the closet space. It is not that I am some magnificent fashionista or stylist or any of that. I am a completely normal girl, I like cute clothes, and to be honest I probably look like everyone else out there. I don't have a specific style except for basics. Alright... brakes and reverse. Nothing makes me happier than coming home with not just anything, but with a brand new basic v-neck or tunic top. So... it is beginning to be a problem. How many white v-necks do you need? Apparently, I need about 9. Okay, 14. Unnecessary. As silly as this may sound to someone who doesn't share the same problem, shopping is truly my joy. I love to look at clothes. I want to touch the fabrics and put together outfits and try on dress after dress after dress. It is calming and fun and is my idea of a "long walk on the beach." I don't really like sports. I don't really like to watch TV. I like to shop.... and I like to write.

So the writing part. I wanted to blog. I wanted it to be entertaining. I realized blogs about Brett, Roxy, and how pretty the sunset was the other day were dull and had no point for anyone but myself to read. So here is this blog's "shtick." I, Kelli Ryder, will go 365 days without shopping.

That is correct. A YEAR WITHOUT SHOPPING. Literally. 365 days without a new v-neck, no cutesy sparkly earrings, no strappy $3.00 flip flops. I'm not even kidding. No matter how great the sale, I walk away. No matter how perfect the v in the neck, no matter how comfortable the heel... even if I simply cannot live without it--- I live without it. So, before I wrote my first post, I did my nightly peruse of www.LuLus.com, and as much as I want my friendly, neighborhood UPS man to drop this precious top off on my doorstep,
I cannot. Luckily, I've survived the first 2 weeks... as I started April 1, 2010. Why did I start April 1? Because what...a joke. I am taking my hobby, and removing it from my life. My reasons are literally to just see if I can. Well, and to see if I can put together some hilarious sentences to describe my misery. So I obviously set some ground rules.


1. This ONLY applies to things I wear. Meaning, clothes- of any sort- accessories (jewelry, purses, scarves), and shoes. Beautiful shoes. I am not doing one of those green-living experiments where I don't buy anything. I still will get a little cup of joy from Starbucks, and go see movies, etc... I just will be doing it in all my old clothes.
2. I can receive gifts. I am not rude enough to tell someone "WOW. What sparkly and perfect earrings! No thank you!" That would just be selfish, and thoughtless. And I am just not those things! I obviously can accept gifts... even if that gift would be an entire outfit. And don't worry, if I do happen to accept this gift, I will gladly upload the picture. As I will be so thrilled, there will be no words.
3. I can buy necessities. If, for some reason, I happened to lose my entire sock and underwear drawer, I would be able to buy new socks. And undies. I'm not a savage here. Just a masochist.
4. Workout clothes, jeans, and again- the perfect high heel, do not count as necessities.
5. I can make my own "new" clothes. I can cut up and re-sew old clothes, add flowers, whatever. And because of this, I will allow periodic trips to the craft store. However, I work so often that I won't have time to update this daily- I probably won't have time to cruise through Hobby Lobby trying to find something to rig as a headband.
6. At the end of this, I get to go on a fun trip and shop away... April 1, 2011. No plan as to where, or whether I will be buying 500 v-necks or a beautiful Chanel... regardless. It will be a joyous day.

SO while I can be wordy, I also can be pretty funny. I will post lots of new pictures, and will relish in any ideas my reader (readers?) will have for posts. I live to shop... But I guess now I live to practice self control. So away we go and it is time to Stop Shopping. (StopShop. At first, I really thought it was a funny pun, but now it is simply a reminder to set my web browser to block access to www.TopShop.com). SO I pose you with this dear reader... (I hope eventually I can write readers...ssss....): Do you think I'll make it? Your good friend, Old Clothes Kelli.