Thursday, April 22, 2010


WOW! Thank you so much to everyone for the amazing feedback on this blog. I didn't expect such a large response. In fact, I assumed that Casey, Brett, and Rachel will be the only readers. (By "Casey, Brett, and Rachel," I actually mean Casey and Rachel, as Brett gets to hear me babble for about 19 hours a day and may or may not actually read each post. Which is cool). So first off, a gigantic MUCHAS GRACIAS to everyone who is now following and reading. In fact, IF I COULD, I'd buy that Free People "ThankYou Tee" (pictured above) and I'd wear it all over town. But oh wait, I can't. Because I can't buy new clothes. Crap. Anyways. It is about that time where I curl up in some healing boots (snuggly socks) (you know, that you like sleep in. they're fuzzy and not meant to wear with shoes) (will probably devote an entire post to healing boots at some point) (do healing boots count as clothes???)... so anyways. Time for the healing boots and some deep sleep. Because tomorrow, I have to go to work and keep earning all that money... that I can't spend on clothes. Goodnight!!

PS. I have a great, longer post coming over the weekend. I have this job thing that doesn't allow me to update each hour on the hour. I just wanted to hammer in the fact that I will definitely be updating often and that I am SO GRATEFUL that you'll be reading!!!


Annelise said...

kellie i LOVE your blog! keep it up girl!

Annelise said...

kell"i". i spelled your name wrong in the last comment. i am sorry. i am a terrible friend. you may steal one of my bouncy balls.

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious! I think they should make a movie from your blog and it would be way better than Julie and Julia. That was a lame blog, yours is great. I'll try and shop it around to all of the people I don't know in Hollywood okay?