Monday, May 17, 2010


I think today would be a fabulous chance to use the word "whelmed." You know in the movie "10 Things I Hate About You," when Bianca's sassy friend says "you can be overwhelmed, and underwhelmed... but can you just be whelmed?" I think you definitely can, because I totally am. In the past week, I've been searching Boise high and low for a new home. That is right, after nearly 22 years and 11 months, I'm moving.

You see, I've lived in the same house my entire life. When I graduated high school, I thought "Hmm, my dad is a great roommate!" and I never moved out. About 2 years later, he said "I'm getting married!" and he packed up his books and motorcycles and moved to Emmett. I was lucky enough to live in this home all through college, and this last spring.

A lot of fashion do's and don'ts went down in this house. I didn't wear JEANS until like 3rd grade. No really, I only wore dresses and skirts. I learned the wrong way to put on makeup in this house, as my early junior high photos would prove. I got ready for school dances at this house, one of which included a tie dyed tube top and crimped hair- and sadly no, I'm not referring to a Decades Dance. It was Spring Fling. Woopsie! I left the house in a million skirts that my dad thought were too short and I thought were WAY too long. Even as I type this, I'm at home... and I'm wearing an array of pajama type items which probably are cute on their own, but definitely not meant to be worn all at once. But it's cold.

It is not that I don't want to move, I am thrilled. I can't wait to start fresh. It is just that I LOVE my home. I mean... Look At This.
A comfy bed, a remodeled bathroom, ample closet space, soft blankets, and a kitty. I guess a majority of this stuff is relocatable but UGH!

SO, on June 1, new tenants will live here and I will live.... ?

Good. Question. So, I am underwhelmed because I know I have a ton of stuff to do coming in the next two weeks, but I don't really have to do it YET. I can start packing, but without the future address set in stone, I don't want to. So I feel like I have nothing to do. On the other hand, I'm overwhelmed because O M G- where am I going to live? I think the under and over combo of whelmed is causing me to be really disheveled, not very funny, and awkwardly motivated. In my normal life, I would find a sense of calm by going shopping.

But I can't. So, instead of browsing the mall, I go on runs outside and do yoga. Which is fantastic and I'm starting to feel great. But, I still haven't found the same sense of relaxation I'd find by looking through a BCBG sale in Dillard's. On days where I'd normally just go to the mall, grab a Wetzel's, and wander... I can't. So I'm really out of sorts here.

I have quite a few appointments tomorrow to look at places, so hopefully by the time most of you read this- a security deposit will be down SOMEWHERE, and most importantly- I'll know what my future closet size is going to be.

A side note- I'm moving in with him:

Which, despite my emotions in the photo, is truly, truly the most exciting thing in my life to date. However, it means one terrible thing. I have to share a closet. Please, please, please Rental Gods, let us find a place with his and hers walk ins!!

In approximately 12 days, I will say goodbye to the house that stored every fashion trend I've ever gone through- from ruffled dresses, to baby pink denim capris, to trucker hats and mini skirts. I will say so long to the house that sent me on my way to every awkward school dance. And I'll say goodbye to the place I know as home.

Hopefully this weird transition period will go quickly, and I'll get back to updating the blog regularly. But right now, I'm so freaking whelmed I just don't think I have anything to write about. To make this post worth it for you, here is a picture of one of my best fashion trends, the punk girl:
...and with THAT, I'll say goodnight :-)

Thursday, May 6, 2010


So, I’ve officially made it well into the second month of the challenge, and I realized I forgot to include a very, very important piece of information. My blog had been on the web for a mere 12 hours, and I’d already inspired two girls to make the conversion. I woke up not just to extreme panic from my decision to publicly declare my year of ‘stop shop,’ but to a message from an old junior high friend, Jesii Dobrusky. She told me she had read my blog and loved it. She went on to say that it had been an “epiphany” for her- realizing that she should try the same thing. We all live in excess and while it can be a super cute thing to do, it isn’t super necessary. Anyways, Jesii and her sister Jenn have turned it personal, both vowing to go the full year as well! Hoothoot! You can view their blogs by clicking here and here. We should all encourage them, because I am learning this is a little bit harder than most would think.

A majority of the feedback was “what a nutjob, I could never do that!!” or “I wish I could do that, but I’d probably only last a month.” Or, it would go the other spectrum, whereas people like my dad say “I still have clothes from 20 years ago… I could probably go 20 more!” Ahhh, Papa… I could not. Here is a little preview of ME, 20 years ago:

If I had clothes from 20 years ago… I’d be the size of a 3 year old. (Imagine how thin I’d be!!) (Gross…) Plus, 20 years ago, I had a sheer disregard for clothing care. What am I sitting in, saw dust? I obviously needed a few decades of lessons in caring for your personal belongings, though that is a really cute top.

Truth be told, I sometimes wonder if I’ll:

a) black out, forget about my blog, and suddenly have
a new bracelet and have let everyone down. Maybe not have let myself down though, because I’d really love a new bracelet. Particularly, I'd adore THIS new bracelet:
Its from J. Crew and I often wonder why I didn't just get it before this year started. I am certain I'd wear it daily!!

Or b) I’ll consciously drive my car straight to Salt Lake and crash it through the doors of Nordstrom Rack, purchasing every bargain available. Logically, I’ll be foaming at the mouth and elbowing little old ladies in this scenario- but I’m sure I’ll have seen the J Brand Jeans first. And really, aggression would be absolutely necessary because my J Brand’s simply do not stretch, no matter how long I sit in them. Let’s hope for neither scenario- the scenarios being the black out or the breakdown- because both would be devastating. Tragic, really. But I’m fairly certain I can make it.

More or less, it is a really long-term, disheartening game of “Memory.” Like: “OH MY GOSH MEL! Where did you get that V-neck?” I squeal, and then the sudden outpour of “WHY DO YOU WANT TO KNOW? You can’t have it!” Geeeez! Maybe I was just asking for a friend??? (I wasn’t. I wanted the V-neck sooo bad).

So the point of today’s ramble is a few things. First, I inspired someone! Second, this is really, really hard. And sad. I love to shop, and I wish I could. Lastly, I am going to be SO ridiculously proud of myself once this is done. If I make it the full year without whipping out the plastic for a pashmina, it will be one of the coolest accomplishments of my life. For those of you who understand- I am sure you agree. For those that still think this is a little weird or shallow, just imagine how you’d feel after a year… or even 6 months… of withholding from your favorite activity. It would essentially be, in the words of my dear friend Sheena, the