Thursday, May 6, 2010


So, I’ve officially made it well into the second month of the challenge, and I realized I forgot to include a very, very important piece of information. My blog had been on the web for a mere 12 hours, and I’d already inspired two girls to make the conversion. I woke up not just to extreme panic from my decision to publicly declare my year of ‘stop shop,’ but to a message from an old junior high friend, Jesii Dobrusky. She told me she had read my blog and loved it. She went on to say that it had been an “epiphany” for her- realizing that she should try the same thing. We all live in excess and while it can be a super cute thing to do, it isn’t super necessary. Anyways, Jesii and her sister Jenn have turned it personal, both vowing to go the full year as well! Hoothoot! You can view their blogs by clicking here and here. We should all encourage them, because I am learning this is a little bit harder than most would think.

A majority of the feedback was “what a nutjob, I could never do that!!” or “I wish I could do that, but I’d probably only last a month.” Or, it would go the other spectrum, whereas people like my dad say “I still have clothes from 20 years ago… I could probably go 20 more!” Ahhh, Papa… I could not. Here is a little preview of ME, 20 years ago:

If I had clothes from 20 years ago… I’d be the size of a 3 year old. (Imagine how thin I’d be!!) (Gross…) Plus, 20 years ago, I had a sheer disregard for clothing care. What am I sitting in, saw dust? I obviously needed a few decades of lessons in caring for your personal belongings, though that is a really cute top.

Truth be told, I sometimes wonder if I’ll:

a) black out, forget about my blog, and suddenly have
a new bracelet and have let everyone down. Maybe not have let myself down though, because I’d really love a new bracelet. Particularly, I'd adore THIS new bracelet:
Its from J. Crew and I often wonder why I didn't just get it before this year started. I am certain I'd wear it daily!!

Or b) I’ll consciously drive my car straight to Salt Lake and crash it through the doors of Nordstrom Rack, purchasing every bargain available. Logically, I’ll be foaming at the mouth and elbowing little old ladies in this scenario- but I’m sure I’ll have seen the J Brand Jeans first. And really, aggression would be absolutely necessary because my J Brand’s simply do not stretch, no matter how long I sit in them. Let’s hope for neither scenario- the scenarios being the black out or the breakdown- because both would be devastating. Tragic, really. But I’m fairly certain I can make it.

More or less, it is a really long-term, disheartening game of “Memory.” Like: “OH MY GOSH MEL! Where did you get that V-neck?” I squeal, and then the sudden outpour of “WHY DO YOU WANT TO KNOW? You can’t have it!” Geeeez! Maybe I was just asking for a friend??? (I wasn’t. I wanted the V-neck sooo bad).

So the point of today’s ramble is a few things. First, I inspired someone! Second, this is really, really hard. And sad. I love to shop, and I wish I could. Lastly, I am going to be SO ridiculously proud of myself once this is done. If I make it the full year without whipping out the plastic for a pashmina, it will be one of the coolest accomplishments of my life. For those of you who understand- I am sure you agree. For those that still think this is a little weird or shallow, just imagine how you’d feel after a year… or even 6 months… of withholding from your favorite activity. It would essentially be, in the words of my dear friend Sheena, the


~*~ amanda ~*~ said...

1) None of this "if" crap, you WILL make it the full year.
2) Don't worry about the temptation, pashminas are so two-thousand-and-late.
3) Keep up the good work of abstaining, my dear!

Laura Parsons said...

It's not shallow at ALL Kelli! There is nothing wrong with indulging in something creative that you genuinely enjoy (and, in your case, are extremely good at) and to deny yourself that activity, whatever it may be, would be a huge challenge and an AMAZING accomplishment. I think there are so many layers to what you will learn from this experience...keep going, and keep sharing!

Susan_Ryder said...

Well, yesterday was Mother's Day and you were certainly dressed very stylish for our dinner together. Kelli, you are so creative that I know this goal will help get your creative juices flowing as you figure out what to wear, and how to keep your style special.

Sue said...

Hope your next blog is just as entertaining.

Anonymous said...

I want to read a book by you. Perhaps you could continue the Shopaholic series with Shopaholic stops shopping. Just a thought. You're great!