Friday, June 4, 2010

Forgive Me?

Did it seriously take me 18 days to remember to update my blog? Bless my heart, I was busier than I thought. There should just be no excuse for such an absence. Unless of course, you would count my ENTIRE LIFE (including the cat) being put into boxes, loaded into trucks and hauled to a precious new home as an excuse. Truly, it is precious. I have a fantastic front porch, a fantastic back patio, and a million fantastic little things between those two. However, for a brief moment there, I was internet-less and from what I can tell, I can't update my blog from an iPhone. On top of that, I am not really an "Internet Cafe" type of girl. Well, maybe I am... but given the opportunity to:

a) Pass out,
b) Watch Kelly from Real Housewives of NY lose her marbles,
c) Truck to a coffee shop and write,
d) Both a and b, or
e) None of the above

I obviously would chose d) Both a and b. Because for one, sleeping is magical. And second, Kelly literally is the most fantastic thing to happen to reality TV for awhile. Girlfriend is nuts. I may also be apt to choose e) None of the above. Why? Because I failed to put "Go to Texas Roadhouse and eat 4,000 calories in rolls alone" as an option. Had I listed that, it'd clearly sweep the poll.

Anyways, I'm sorry for the long delay. I also am sorry if that sounds cocky or condescending. I assume someone is reading... and I assume they hoped I'd update? And if that is true, then don't fret. I've got a WHOLE list of blog post ideas on a note ( I shall not misplace it) and this blog will be hoppin' again soon.

I hope everyone has a good weekend, and feel free to tell me all about it. Because my weekend will be spent the way I spend all of my time now: Unpacking.

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Anonymous said...

Put up pictures of your cute new house!