Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Stain.

So, as you all know, I recently moved. It was a huge ordeal and took a small army, led by my fearless mother Sue. If it weren't for her, I'd still be in my kitchen hesitant of the best way to pack plates and wondering if I need three Jello molds (I don't).

It is important to note that I don't always think things through. My thought process on this day was "THIS IS TRAGIC. I SHOULD BE COMFORTABLE. I'M GOING TO WEAR MY FAVORITE V-NECK TSHIRT." Hindsight proves it should have been "I'm going to be packing. And cleaning. With bleach. Wear clothes you hate." It reminds me of when my thought process is "Eat a LOT of carbs so you won't get hungry at the pool!!" and then am forced to painfully suck my stomach in so people don't ask how far along I am.

Obviously, the day became a lot more tragic than anticipated. Once done packing, it was time to get to the final cleaning. Looking at the 409 bottle that said "Now with Bleach!" could have been a giveaway, but it wasn't. So, like a busy bee I started scrubbing out a bathroom. I looked down and thought "That's weird. Why is there rust on my shirt?? There is no rust in here..."

Good call. Because it wasn't rust. Nope. It was a bleach stain-- which you can see in the bottom portion of the picture. Obviously, I promptly began to cry. Tears, rushing down my face. May have been the stress... may have been the actual stain... may have been the realization that I can't pop over to Target and get another Mossimo V-neck for $8. That I am forced to get rid of one shirt... and not buy another until next April 1.
I soon after started laughing. At first it was to cover up the fact I was literally crying over an $8 shirt. Brett, my boyfriend (bless his heart), stared in... pity?? I'm not really sure. Regardless, it was a scene. The more I realized how a) serious the situation was and b) how it really wasn't a big deal... I laughed. I couldn't decide how I felt. A lot of emotions over an $8 shirt. For the record, that was nearly a month ago...
...and life went on.
I'm still alive, even after Bleach-gate 2010. By the grace of God, I've lived. Apparently, clothes aren't a huge deal?? :-)
LASTLY: For those who are wondering: I LOVE my new house, I LOVE my new neighborhood, and I LOVE my new roommate. That is three "LOVES," which makes me a little uncomfortable but I'm not too worried, because life is seriously good--- with, or without, my favorite black v-neck.

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