Tuesday, July 20, 2010


As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I have been filling my shopping void with crafts. When I moved, I threw my old, hideous desk chair into the “yard sale” pile. I then tried using a huge recliner as my desk chair, but I could hardly see my computer screen and would end up with my laptop on my lap… in front of my desk. That’s efficient. SO I went on a quest for a beautiful new project: a chair
Luckily, my mother happened to have an old hunk o’ junk in her garage that she wasn’t using. It was all mine to do with what I want. I know my last posts have been a little wordy- so I’ll cut to the chase. I’ve posted the before pictures and the after pictures. I painted the wood frame and recovered the cushion. And the summary? I LOVE my new desk chair and I am SO PROUD of myself.


~*~ amanda ~*~ said...

Move over, Martha! Kelli rocks! I want to know how to do that sort of stuff!!

J-me said...

It looks great! I also think your new little chateau looks adorable! Cute chair in a cute house!

Anonymous said...

Your chair makes me want a chair. Think of all the old things you can get cheap at thrift stores and make cute!! You are so awesome.