Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Space Cadet!

When my cat Teeny feels any sort of emotion, she cowers under the bed hiding. This is applicable for fear, hunger, excitement, and embarrassment. Hides right under the bed… trembling. She’s a weenie. Don’t tell my boyfriend I said that, but she is a weenie. I’ve adopted this practice...as I currently am under the bed- in this case for embarrassment. Just kidding! I’m not under the bed- there’s no way I could type if I was cramped like that. But I mean figuratively… I am humiliated. I said, word for word, that I’d have my blog updated TWICE by Sunday. And here it is, Tuesday… and no updates! What a mess. I’ve been so busy NOT shopping that I plum forgot. Kudos go to Annelise for calling my bluff… I don’t even know why I didn’t update because there is SO much I want to share. I guess I’ll hop right to it. Sunday, July 18 would have been a perfect day for a shopping spree… but my dear friend Rachel and I made our own Shop-free Sunday. We had a delicious lunch (with a pitcher of mojitos, who are we kidding). Afterwards, what better way to beat the heat than a mani pedi combo? In the past few months, I’ve really taken to keeping up with not just the Kardashians, but my nails as well. Changing the polish is a perfect way to feel up to date and cute, and it doesn’t count as shopping. I went with turquoise color on my fingers, and hot pink on my toes.
Isn’t my ring fantastic? It was a gift from my grandma right before her passing. My grandpa bought it for her in Italy. For months, I was too afraid to wear it- can you imagine if I somehow lost it? Tragic. But I broke through my fear and love staring at it throughout the day. It makes me think of my AMAZING and stylish grandma, who will eventually get a post all to her own (and her love of shoes). I am complimented on the ring ALL the time. It is a perfect lesson in old things still being cute. A cameo older than I, and more stylish than I as well… so hopefully it counterbalances the days that I wear Chuck Taylor’s with leggings… We ran a few crafty errands (literally, Craft Warehouse) and stopped by the store to get the fixings for a meal worthy of a third grader. We also Red-Boxed “Chloe.” I DO NOT RECOMMEND. It left us not only in pain from the huge dinner, but literally gave us a head ache wondering what we’d just sat through. While the plot was just ODD, Amanda Seyfried’s character had some amazing coats. I can only thank the movie gods for putting this to DVD during 100 degree temps, or I’d really be coveting those coats and life would be miserable.

See, a whole Sunday and I didn’t even miss the mall! In fact, I’d say this day was made better WITHOUT the need for new clothes.


~*~ amanda ~*~ said...

I miss your grandma. xo

Annelise said...

but you said NEXT sunday... so really you're still in the clear :) no cowering necessary!