Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today I have a small lesson for whoever is out there actually reading this! I know someone is. I installed a web counter and saw that I got 100 hits in like one day! That is the coolest thing ever. However, I don’t know WHO you are, WHAT you think, or what you even WANT. To remedy this, I feel like you should leave me comments! I need some feedback, because my cat Roxanne just meows when I ask her and I am not really sure if it is a positive or negative meow. I can only assume positive, because I taught her young to not bite the hand that feeds her.

Anyways, a few entries back, Denise suggested I take photos of my daily outfits. She thought it would be cool to see what I am using in my closet to make it through the year (the very, very long year). To be exact, she wanted me to show that you don’t have to be a frump if you don’t shop. Really, I honestly believe frumpy is just the worst. I hate when I oversleep and frump it up all day long. It ruins my whole mindset… so I totally agree. Anti-frump is JUST want this blog needs. So this past weekend, I was awkwardly photographed with each outfit change. I am clearly not a model… but you can get the picture of some outfits I’ve put together with all my old clothes! I sure hope none of them are frumpy… because that would be an embarrassment. I will try and do this more often… unless of course the comments say “you are really awkward (and frumpy) in those photos… please don’t make a post like that again.” :-)

1. Friday Evening: Annelise’s Birthday, The Cheesecake Factory

This was a last minute outfit for a group dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. I got home from work, plopped into bed, and started reading my September issue of InStyle. Before I knew it, it was time to go and I was still dressed like a business associate. I love (adore) this Anthropologie top and am already planning how to integrate it into my winter wardrobe (it was a birthday gift). The jeans are Genetic Denim. I got them at a GREAT local clothing boutique, Fancy Pants. The shoes are also from another local boutique, Shoe Fetish. I got them about a year and a half ago and love how unique they are. Of course, the headband is hand made :-) In hindsight, I wish I would have worn a muumuu because I literally ate the entire factory.

2. Saturday Errands

The boyfriend and I ran some errands around town Saturday. It was a little too chilly for just a sundress, so I whipped out the leggings (which I don’t always care for). I am wearing a very, very old Forever 21 dress that I’d yet to wear this summer. The white tank underneath is a men’s Hanes undershirt. That is the most USEFUL white tank you can own and I love that they come in 3 packs. I am hoping the ones I have currently will last me until April. The leggings are Target, and the sandals are (believe it or not) from WalMart 2 years ago. They cost a whopping $4. The belt is borrowed from Rachel (do you think she knows I have it still?) and I styled my hair in its usual weekend side braid. I am fairly certain this is the Summer of the Side Braid. I of course added in my new, homemade rhinestone headband for this as well.

3. Saturday Evening: Cottonwood Grille

This Anthropologie sweater is my favorite, FAVORITE piece of clothing right now. It was a birthday gift and I think about it like I think about my cats. It is like my child, and I sometimes get worried it will get misplaced or accidentally put in the dryer (yes, I worry my cats will accidentally get put in the dryer). Luckily, it is hanging right in my closet in the “green section” so I know it is safe. I also am wearing my grey J Brands (Vegas!) and Steve Madden flats. Weird… I am also wearing a side braid and homemade headband here as well…

4. Sunday Lunch Date

Rachel and I went to lunch in my neighborhood Sunday. We like to walk to the restaurant because everywhere else in this town is driving only. I wore my Genetic jeans because it was still SO chilly out, and another (fresh) Hanes white tank. I wore another favorite item, my J. Crew sweater. I got it at the outlet in Vegas about a day and a half before I stopped shopping all together. I’d say it was a fantastic last purchase. I have on some great silver beads from F21. My old lady shoes are loafers with foam inserts… and they are literally the best thing I could ever put on my feet. They are a little dorky, but soooo comfy and I keep reading boat shoes are coming back (or maybe they already did) so I will keep wearing them. And believe it or not… another side braid.

Anyhootles, I hope this was an enjoyable post. Sorry it is so long... so thanks if you made it this far :-) Hopefully this upcoming weekend will have EVEN CUTER OUTFITS!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Let me paint you a picture... I start this blog- which is the equivalent of diving into a fashion drought. Which is ridiculous, because when you think of diving you think of water... not a lack of water. But seriously, that is how I mean it. Because not shopping for a year IS ridiculous. And I was a little nervous (Would anyone actually read this? Would I last more than a couple of days? Would I be miserable?). Then, out of the blue- I had a Facebook message from this beautiful girl (Miss Taylor Dury) asking me for my address. I have known Taylor through college, and I knew she was one of my 5 readers. She is about as stinkin' cute as they come, just LOOK AT HER!
I love (and covet) her bangs, and am so jealous because blunt bangs are a look I simply cannot pull off. I also am jealous that she gets to wear glasses, considering I want glasses SO badly but a) don't have a vision issue and b) am not yet comfortable enough to stoop to frames with clear lenses. Maybe one day I'll commit to the look OR suffer a tragic eye injury, allowing me to order some amazing Oliver Peoples and also look 10 times smarter. Anyways, enough about me and my obsession with bangs/glasses combos. I sent Taylor my address and within 2 days, the cutest pink envelope was in my mailbox. Inside was a ton of jewelry- JUST FOR ME. Taylor had told me she had a ton of stuff she didn't ever wear, and didn't want it to just sit in her jewelry box unworn when I was in desperate need of new accessories. I am convinced she is my accessory guardian angel. Now, I am so disappointed in myself for not writing this post sooner. However, I've been pretty busy WEARING this stuff that I kept forgetting to photograph it- and I didn't want to write about it without pictures. SO, please take a moment and look over the amazing goodies my mailman was so kind to deliver:

I love all of these things. Love. They are all pretty different from things I already owned, and they are perfect for spicing up my outfits. Did I mention I am turning into Martha Stewart? Because I literally just said "spicing up." Anyways. Taylor is such an angel for sending these things! I felt so special and am so thankful for her gift! If you want a little bit of Taylor in your life, you should visit her cute blog: La Mia Vita. I am so appreciative. THANK YOU TAYLOR!!!!

Saturday, August 28, 2010



This stinks! 7 more months to go. Booooo!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Call me Martha.

I feel like if Martha Stewart was forced to stop crafting and baking, she'd channel all of that energy into shopping sprees for twinsets and linen pants. To be honest, I would immediately buy stock in Talbot's and Michael Kors because Martha would be a shopaholic.

The reason I'm feeling this way is because I was forced (well, I chose) to stop shopping, and I have immediately started crafting, decorating, and baking. I recovered a chair. I have more scented candle displays than anyone would really need (though they did come in handy during the 5+ hour power outage last night). There are brownies in the oven and my cat has a cute, turquoise hankie on. And today... I really, REALLY wanted to stop all of this madness and shop. But, since I obviously can't...

I made headbands :-)

The rhinestones were from an earlier craft project, and the other two are necklaces I got in Hawaii when I was 14. Just my measly way of updating my look :-)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

48,000 Calories.

In the past few weeks, I've noticed an unsettling trend. I am not talking about a fashion trend full of poor judgement, like schoolgirl skirts or high-waisted jeans... this is something a little more personal. Slowly but surely, a number was increasing. First, it was just 1 or 2. Then 5. Then 7... and then oh mylanta, I've gained 10 lbs. I think technically, it was 8 lbs. But, 10 sounds better and more dramatic. So we'll stick with it. I HAVE GAINED 10 LBS. Now, before I explain... I get to put in a disclaimer.

**I DO NOT WANT, OR EXPECT, AND SORT OF COMMENT SAYING 'You are soooo tiny... shut up." or "Kelli, to be honest you NEEDED to gain weight..." I am not fishing for compliments. I don't even like fish. You see, I have been the same weight my entire twenties career (Yes, I consider being a twenty something a job). It is not that I am upset or outraged about an increase... its just unsettling. And, I can't buy any new clothes, so I better start working my butt off to make sure these jeans fit in December. Because how sad would that be? It'd be the middle of winter, and the only thing that would fit me is a baggy sundress, and I'd be forced to pair it with Uggs. SO, this is not a self-loathing, feel sorry for me, pity party blog. Why? Well... let's get on with it so you can see.

I had been wondering where this change was coming from. My eating habits were the same, I never exercise to begin with so that was constant, and there was nothing hormonal happening. I was confused and thought that perhaps I was finally just getting old. Then, the fateful text came from my dear friend Rachel.

"Did you know that the average woman burns 48,000 calories a year just by shopping???" She read this in Cosmo, and Cosmo never lies. (I am fairly certain they also can tell you 48,000 ways to stalk, snag, and marry a man in less than 5 months!!!)

So... boom. There that is. This blog, while fun and empowering, is making me gain weight. The calories that used to fly off my body while shopping are now sitting... and storing themselves... and making my scale question who I am. While you may read this and think "Yeah, OK Kelli... It's not all the Corona's and pizza that are making you gain weight. It is your mystical blog." And you may be right. But I know, that when a woman shops... she walks and walks, and if something is on sale and is the last one in her size... she runs. And she tries things on, and tries them on again, and poses, and does calf raises to see what it would look like in heels. That is a WORKOUT if I've ever heard of one. It is truly devastating that my workout plan vanished.

Will I start shopping again? Will I continue to grow and grow until I am forced to shop again??

No dude. I am going to start running, eating healthier, and NOT shop. And I am confidant I'll make it the entire year without a single spree... and all my pairs of jeans will still be perfect fits.