Sunday, August 29, 2010


Let me paint you a picture... I start this blog- which is the equivalent of diving into a fashion drought. Which is ridiculous, because when you think of diving you think of water... not a lack of water. But seriously, that is how I mean it. Because not shopping for a year IS ridiculous. And I was a little nervous (Would anyone actually read this? Would I last more than a couple of days? Would I be miserable?). Then, out of the blue- I had a Facebook message from this beautiful girl (Miss Taylor Dury) asking me for my address. I have known Taylor through college, and I knew she was one of my 5 readers. She is about as stinkin' cute as they come, just LOOK AT HER!
I love (and covet) her bangs, and am so jealous because blunt bangs are a look I simply cannot pull off. I also am jealous that she gets to wear glasses, considering I want glasses SO badly but a) don't have a vision issue and b) am not yet comfortable enough to stoop to frames with clear lenses. Maybe one day I'll commit to the look OR suffer a tragic eye injury, allowing me to order some amazing Oliver Peoples and also look 10 times smarter. Anyways, enough about me and my obsession with bangs/glasses combos. I sent Taylor my address and within 2 days, the cutest pink envelope was in my mailbox. Inside was a ton of jewelry- JUST FOR ME. Taylor had told me she had a ton of stuff she didn't ever wear, and didn't want it to just sit in her jewelry box unworn when I was in desperate need of new accessories. I am convinced she is my accessory guardian angel. Now, I am so disappointed in myself for not writing this post sooner. However, I've been pretty busy WEARING this stuff that I kept forgetting to photograph it- and I didn't want to write about it without pictures. SO, please take a moment and look over the amazing goodies my mailman was so kind to deliver:

I love all of these things. Love. They are all pretty different from things I already owned, and they are perfect for spicing up my outfits. Did I mention I am turning into Martha Stewart? Because I literally just said "spicing up." Anyways. Taylor is such an angel for sending these things! I felt so special and am so thankful for her gift! If you want a little bit of Taylor in your life, you should visit her cute blog: La Mia Vita. I am so appreciative. THANK YOU TAYLOR!!!!


Holly said...

Glad to see some unused accessories went to a better home... "spiced up" your life... and made you happy!
I have not seen Taylor since high school... she does pull her look off well! So cute.

Kaleena J. said...

I was just wandering around the blogosphere and here I am on your blog! I like it. Glad to be your newest follower. :)

Anonymous said...

I <3 you, love!! Can't wait til I move back because moving means I find more little things that I don't use which means YOU get more packages in the mail :)

Celeste said...

aw wow how sweet! those rings are gorgeous