Sunday, August 22, 2010

Call me Martha.

I feel like if Martha Stewart was forced to stop crafting and baking, she'd channel all of that energy into shopping sprees for twinsets and linen pants. To be honest, I would immediately buy stock in Talbot's and Michael Kors because Martha would be a shopaholic.

The reason I'm feeling this way is because I was forced (well, I chose) to stop shopping, and I have immediately started crafting, decorating, and baking. I recovered a chair. I have more scented candle displays than anyone would really need (though they did come in handy during the 5+ hour power outage last night). There are brownies in the oven and my cat has a cute, turquoise hankie on. And today... I really, REALLY wanted to stop all of this madness and shop. But, since I obviously can't...

I made headbands :-)

The rhinestones were from an earlier craft project, and the other two are necklaces I got in Hawaii when I was 14. Just my measly way of updating my look :-)

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