Thursday, September 30, 2010


Do you know what today is? TODAY, my friends, is the HALFWAY point for this blog! Can you even believe it??? 6 months, no shopping… I am literally halfway done. I never thought I’d make it!! Another great thing about this monumental day is… I now have a huge, beautiful, walk in closet ALL to myself. I don’t have to share or keep things in the coat closets… It is all mine. And it is so, so pretty.

In addition, Cambry Severe, owner of Passion Planning Photography, came to my house and did a fun photoshoot for the blog!! Here is a little preview of the shoot- and low and behold, my beautiful closet is the star of the shot:

Anyways, thank you to everyone who has been reading- I never would have lasted to the halfway mark if I didn’t have readers. I feel like I owe it to anyone who reads this to stick by my goal! So, thank you for being my motivator… and wish me luck on the home stretch!

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Cambry said...

Yay Kelli! Halfway=Half Done! Thanks for asking me to do the shoot, I had such a great time!! :) And... I love my new headbands!