Thursday, September 9, 2010

What a treat!

My birthday was this last July... and I was spoiled rotten. I think I need to dedicate an entire post to all of the amazing treasures I got... apparently my style is easy to recognize because my friends hooked me up and pretty much NAILED IT. My cute boyfriend, having already gotten me a TO-DIE-FOR outfit from Las Vegas (in the post, aptly titled Las Vegas), didn't want to be left out on the festivities. He gave me a card with a cute little note and an asterisk mentioning that I, being the birthday girl, qualified for any accessory of my choice! I of course moseyed around this option, unsure of what to get. I first thought that a jeweled headband from Anthro was the answer (no brainer). But then I made a bunch of jeweled headbands... (And don't worry Taylor Dury, I'm making yours this weekend), so I wanted nothing to do with headbands. Finally, we made the trip to Macy's for me to pick something out. It was overwhelming, I couldn't decide, and I felt guilty picking something out like that (I don't really love people spending money on me). So up the escalator we went to Forever 21. I picked out a rhinestone bracelet. Then Brett said, "Ok, one more thing..." so I picked out some cute silver beads. And he said "Ok, great! You want these 2 things? Why don't you pick just one more..." and like an 8 year old in a candy store I squealed with delight (literally). And I picked out these amazing earrings. Which I love. and Adore. and I literally wear them 4 days out of the week. All I can say is... jackpot.

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