Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shoe Lust.

So, since my last post... all I can think about is shoes. Not just boots, no no... but heels, wedges, and my favorite- ballet flats. WHY can't I go on a shoe shopping spree? I can force myself to live without new sweaters and jeans, but living without new shoes might be the death of me. So, to make matters worse- I'd like to share a few things that are literally causing me physical pain to not own. My favorite site right now is I am literally obsessed. So all of the following are from Piperlime, hint hint... (really, I truly won't stop anyone from gifting me some new shoes).

These Cole Haan's are to die for. I would wear them every day of my life. Literally. Unless of course...

Unless of course I had these Kelsi Dagger wedges. I wouldn't even know how to get ready in the morning. Leopard flats or wedges? I can assure you Uggs would NOT be in the picture.

I may obviously need to go somewhere fabulous. And it would be no question that I'd want these Badgley Mischka pumps. Sigh.

Is anyone else getting the feeling that come April 1st I may spend like, $5000??? Crap.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Well Crap. This past week, fall has finally arrived. The leaves are changing, my life is changing, and it is about that time that my wardrobe needs to change as well. Time to stop cuffing my jeans and to switch from hot pink nail polish to greys, maroons, and blacks. (Who are we kidding, I will keep the hot pink for a few more months. Makes me happy!) Don't get me wrong, I am EMBRACING the change. I NEED the change. The leaves falling, the heat leaving... I am so ready. Bring it on, winter. Bring me some hot apple cider and piles of blankets and maybe like... a hay ride or something. The problem? I will eventually have to leave my house. Perhaps for said hay ride. And I'll need to look cute.


This NO SHOPPING has been fairly easy because I have more ballet flats and summer sandals than I can count. I have tons of shorts, WAY too many tanks, and in 100+ degree temps, a sweater is the last thing on my mind. Well this cold front has swept in and the realization that I have a bunch of sweaters that are SO last year is devastating. Luckily, I take REALLY GOOD care of my things, so everything is in brand new condition. It just would be really fun to go get some cute new sweaters, thermals, and scarves. But the worst thing? I need new boots. Particularly, I need THESE new boots:

I only have my Uggs, which are warm and cozy... and some cowgirl-ish boots. I need, not want, some sturdy flat boots. It is going to snow, my feet are going to be cold... and Uggs look really sloppy sometimes. I honestly don't know WHAT I am going to do.
Okay, okay... I know it is obviously not the end of the world. But I am working a more professional job now. I can still wear jeans, but I feel like Uggs are unprofessional. These would just be a more polished look and would go with more. I just really regret this whole year of not shopping... and really want to go to in search of the perfect boot.
Again... sigh.