Monday, November 29, 2010


Last week was a short work week, and I fully took advantage of the long weekend by FULLY disconnecting. SO that is where I've been, but don't worry- I documented last weeks outfits. As you can see by photo 1- there is NO WAY I am more comfortable with these pictures. I am seriously the most awkward girl that has ever lived. I am like on an episode of MADE on MTV and I need like a life coach to get me out of my shell or something. Or maybe, I need to drink a bottle of wine each day before I take pictures. Because as Facebook will show you, I am grossly photogenic when I've been drinking. However, as Facebook will also show you, I am not really that productive when drinking and I tend to nap. So I wouldn't get any work done at ALL. I guess I'll just keep being awkward...


So Monday, I wore an Old Navy Tunic, a white Hanes undershirt, Forever 21 "jeggings," and my Uggs. BECAUSE THERE WAS LIKE A FOOT OF SNOW ON THE GROUND. Yuck. Winter is ruining my life. Also, my necklace is from Anthopologie and was a gift from Rachel... I screamed when I got it. It's super cute.

Tuesday I awoke to EVEN MORE SNOW, which is CRAP. So I wore a basic white V-neck from Madewell, an Express sweater from like 19 years ago (or 3 years ago, who can be sure), skinny jeans and my fuchsia Uggs... I am not sure if they're cute or not. I like them though...


That picture is really, really gross. Anyways, I am wearing a white shirt from who knows where, a vintage sweater I got at a thrift store, I added on the cute broach. My necklace is from Urban, I am wearing Rich and Skinnies, and weird... Uggs. Bless it.

Hopefully the next episode of "outfits" will not have Uggs in it. But seriously no promises. I live in IDAHO. And every time I look outside, snow is dumping. And TOM's were not made for snow, nor were ballet flats. Which is ridiculous. It is just simply too cold and icy to wear anything but Uggs and there is nothing I can do about it. I am sorry, but not that sorry because at least I was warm.

In addition, if any California/Arizona based magazines want to fly me out for an interview, my sandals are already packed. I literally cannot do this winter thing for much longer.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Is this me??

Has anyone else been seeing these Target "Black Friday" 2 Day Sale ads? The lady is hilarious. PUH-LEASE click on the YouTube link or click HERE for easier access to the funniest videos of all time. She basically is me, the night before April 1- and so many people have been telling me that... so I had simply no choice but to put it on my blog. Just watch the video, and you'll understand.

The best part is I am ABSOLUTELY not disagreeing- I am her, she is me... and neither of us CAN WAIT TO SHOP!!


So, I cannot shop for myself. BUT, I can shop for others!! The woman in the picture is none other than my amazing mother. She is so amazing. I adore her! She is so strong, funny, talented, and sweet. I am so glad that we live in the same city so that we can go to yummy breakfasts (where we were in the picture). Plus she always takes care of me and is always there for me. Really, I adore her. Her birthday was in October... on 10-10-10! What a lucky lady. I'll never get a cool birthday like that. Oh well.. for her birthday, I got her the scarf she is wearing in the photo. It is this beautiful knit scarf with multi colored flowers. I wanted it for myself... but no no. That'd be breaking the rules! However, to spoil my momma with a cute scarf is totally acceptable. I hope she loved it :)

Sunday, November 21, 2010


A lot of you have been asking how I've gotten by without new clothes. SO here is another edition of "Outfits" and it is thoroughly as awkward as the last one.


So this day I went up to McCall, ID with my best friend for a little "friend weekend" away. This is what I wore to work, but the flats weren't really a good call when we got up to the snowy mountains. I am wearing a Forever21 sweater, a cute Old Navy embellished tank, Forever21 jeans, and Steve Madden flats (which I wear... a LOT).  The second picture showcases how much I really feel AWKWARD taking these photos. NOT thrilled. I could never ever be a model.

Back to work I go! First off- my hair is super long! That's pretty cool. Anyways, here I've got an Old Navy camp shirt, a Hanes tank (you know, of the 3 pack variety), Rich&Skinny jeans, and some cute wedges. The necklace is from my momma and up close has cute leopard detail. I love it!

Ahh, side braid... day 1. My military jacket is F21... which wow, I wear stuff from there every day it seems! Anways, the shirt is literally my pajama shirt. As in, I definitely slept in that shirt the night before. I am fairly certain it was once purchased in a "pajama section" of a store. The jeans are James Jeans- which HOLY MOLY when I was like 18 I found them in a mysterious pile of denim in a cute boutique in Fremont (Seattle) and bought them instantly. I don't know if they were actually for sale but the girls totally let me buy them and they are SO comfy. And they were half off. And there are those Steve Madden flats... sigh. I want boots!

Least favorite outfit this week. I have my Rich&Skinnies on again, an Anthro basic black tee... wow a F21 sweater (which sometimes is mistaken to be Juicy, so I'll take it). I obviously didn't want to do my hair, hence the high pony. So I put on some Jessica Simpson shoes in hopes to rebound the hair issue but alas, I look stupid here. Just being honest.


I don't know what compelled me to be so sparkly here but I love it. As you can see, I rocked a side braid again. Am I 11? My necklace is actually a belt... and the sequiny sweater is F21. Wow. Next week, I vow to wear other brands. My jeans are Genetic and the shoes are from Kohl's but I don't remember the brand. I can tell you I also wore a lot of makeup that day and I felt silly. But I love those jeans so much and I was in my braid-comfort-zone so I was pretty stoked.


AHH FRIDAY! Finally. To me, casual Friday means Ugg Friday, and Lindy totally was on the same wavelength because we were twinners. That sweater is absolutely my favorite. I got it at a Ross like a million years ago and I would probably die if I lost it. The scarf is that Miley Cyrus brand from WalMart, this is the RVCA shirt from my PINK POST, I forget what jeans those are... and I cannot tell from the photos. But I can tell you my feet were frumpy and COZY in those Uggs. I know they look dumb... but they are the greatest thing to ever happen to feet. I love them! 

WELP that is it for the last week. I'll try to do it again this week, but no promises I'll look awesome. It is supposed to be like 27 degrees all week. And to me, 27 degrees says "wear a blanket." So we'll see. 

3 Shades of Pink

I have a new roommate as of November 1. She is so much fun, and such a great addition to my life and my home. We are totally having a marathon viewing party of The OC: Season 1. We rush home from work and try to get about 3 episodes a night. Right now, Oliver is about to go bat-sh*t crazy and try to kill Marissa Cooper. He will fail. He basically is to the OC as Georgina is to Gossip Girl. SO nuts, and irritating to watch... and to be honest, totally takes away from the series.

Anyway- Katie and I work together. However, she is an early riser and I am... not. It isn't my fault that my cat is so snuggly in the morning, and my bed is so warm, and that outside is so cold. I just like to be cozy and cubicles are not cozy. The other morning, she knocked on my door to see if I wanted to swing by Java Coffee & Cafe before we went to work. This is what she looked like:

Annnnnd... this is what I looked like:

Katie had the cutest top on... I should have taken a better picture so you could see the stitching. Plus she had her cute boots that I adore... as we all know I am dying without boots. AND THEN THERE IS ME. I literally am (accidentally) wearing 3 shades of pink. Bless my heart, big time. I am wearing a HUGE RVCA v-neck, WalMart $4 sweats... that are definitely tight at the ankles, and my slippers. So... this may be why I am single. Just a thought. However, I did spruce up a bit before leaving the house... so Katie (and now all of you) are the only ones to see this travesty. Just... bless. 


SO what do you be for Halloween if you can't shop? Obviously, a cat. Because I am always a cat. Because I truly wish I was a cat. WHO WOULDN'T WANT TO BE A CAT? You just sleep on soft blankets... ALL DAY. Gosh that'd be... magnificent. Anyways, I wanted to be different this year... believe it or not. And I was not a cat. Literally this is groundbreaking.

So, for work- I was a crab. I had the crab hat and glasses from a previous costume oriented event, and my friend Rachel lent me the rest, as she used it all for a lobster costume the previous year. I am pretty confused as to why I didn't win the costume contest at work. In fact... not winning made me a little.... crabby...

Then for Saturday night, I went as a "Parisian girl." Mostly because I wanted to carry around the baguette. And eat it. And I totally did. Actually, I ate two baguettes... on the dance floor (as shown in the second photo). The dress was from WalMart- Rach bought it for me because it was like $3 and she said she would "be a bad friend to NOT buy it." It was the first time I'd worn it, and I definitely will wear it with some Vans during the summer.

All in all, I had so much fun this Halloween and I LOVE dressing up. I am quite honestly shocked that it is nearly Thanksgiving... I mean seriously? Wasn't it just June a second ago? My life has been a serious blur- but that is a good thing because now the year is nearly to an end. I've already crafted my next years costume idea--- and am quite looking forward to it. Guess you'll all have to keep reading my blog to see what it is!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

On the Way:

HELLO friends!

I have been MIA for a few days. I've got a "real job" and I love it dearly... and I also love my income. So I've been busting my butt there this week.

And I won't lie, I've also been having a bit of a "The OC: Season 1" marathon with my new roommate, Katie. So the posts have slacked for a few days. Yes, I am embarrassed, thank you for asking.

I just wanted to give you a little preview of what's ahead so you don't all abandon ship. (and don't fret, new posts will be uploaded tomorrow and throughout the weekend!!!)
  • DIY section- I am still crafting away and have made some fun new accessories (and SHOES!), so I will be showcasing those.
  • Halloweenie! I bet you all are wondering what this little fashionista was for Halloween! Oh wait, you weren't wondering? That's cool. I'll still show you because both costumes (that's right, there were two) were AWESOME!
  • I have put my heart in soul in the last few weeks into RE-decorating my home, i.e. un-boy-ing everything. Yes, just think about those three things and it will make sense. MY ROOM IS SO GIRLY AND CUTE NOW!!! So I want to show it off, as I've truly been working pretty hard. I am taking some photos this weekend.
  • Roxy's fashion. Roxy is my cat. She is presh. And stylish!
  • The best thing that has ever happened to me since I started this blog, and...
  • Probably some rants about the new American Girl dolls and their pricing. I read the catalogue last night and can HARDLY BELIEVE that they are charging like $79 dollars for a doll's fondue set. It is not even real fondue. It is fondue for a doll. That isn't alive. I'm seriously pissed.
SO thanks for sticking around, and I'll do plenty of work this evening for you guys! If anyone wanted to send me hundreds of dollars for writing this blog, I totally would update more. But until then, I do have rent to pay. So my real job will always come first!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Before there was Twitter...

...there was Clumps Of Mascara. My favorite friend Annelise reads this blog religiously. It is a makeup blog, and as we learned in previous posts my face is usually frumpy. I don't really keep up with makeup trends, and I get overwhelmed in Sephora. I wish I knew what I was doing when applying makeup, but I typically smear some stuff around and call it good. I'm usually too focused on putting together outfits to have time to realized I only put mascara on one eye.

Luckily, Annelise introduced me to this fabulous blog. At CoM I can read up on new makeup releases, get reviews, and my favorite section: For Beauty Beginners. Seriously. This has helped me figure out what is what, what to do with it, etc... and I have found so many cute nail polish colors just by reading through her posts. Nail polish is clearly my therapeutic non-shopping activity.

The author, Brittany Thomas, does a post here and there called "Sista Show-Off."This is where she shows some love to other female bloggers who are "paving the way for women everywhere." Annelise was kind enough to submit my blog to B for the series- and you can read the story HERE!

I'd like to thank B for featuring my blog- as I know many of you readers found me through her! And anyone who has yet to check her out- PLEASE DO. She is wonderful and entertaining, and you can learn a LOT. It def has eased the pain of Sephora trips for me :-)

The Blogger Who Didn't Have Internet.

So, in the past few days... my blog has taken off like a G6 (I literally just learned on Friday that a G6 is a fancy airplane, and NOT a Pontiac... which makes sense because to be "fly" like a car is so silly, while being fly like an airplane makes ABSOLUTELY PERFECT SENSE). Anyways, I used a little tool called "Twitter" to send my blog out to a few worthy sources. Primarily, @InStyle, as in InStyle magazine. As in the magazine I've been reading since I was in the 6th grade and the magazine I use to come up with new outfit ideas. InStyle went ahead and re-tweeted my blog link... for those who aren't familiar with Twitter this means they sent the link out to their 1.8 MILLION followers. SO Friday was a HUGEY HUGE day for this girl. I got more hits in one day that I typically get in a month. I was contacted by a few e-magazines and blogs to write editorials (huge). I realized I could totally make something of this blog and utilize it to help me and my writing career. Needless to say, I'm so excited to write a ton, keep all of you new followers entertained, and make all of you old followers proud.

Here comes the prob: I def don't have internet at home. I had to make a few adjustments within my budget, and for the next two months, I have no internet. None. SO STUPID. So until then... I am an "internet cafe" kind of girl. The last two posts were so kindly typed at Java. Tonight- the Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks lured me in. And while we're talking Starbucks, I'd like to file my FORMAL COMPLAINT about this year's red cups. They are ugly, only partially red, and have terrible graphics on them. I sort of feel like Christmas is ruined because of these cups. Word on the street is Tully's went with  plaid cups- so clearly I'll be there tomorrow. Anyways, cups or no cups- I am going to do my very best to keep this blog current, entertaining, and stylish. I have a ton of new comments and a ton of new ideas--- so there is a LOT to come. 

Please--- keep the comments coming. I have gotten so many fresh ideas from you guys! And it helps me to know you're out there. Going from having only my Facebook circle read my posts- to about 1000 strangers? It has literally given me so much drive I can hardly think. In fact, I feel like this post sucks because I feel the pressure... or maybe it is just the anxiety from the gross red cups. Who knows. 

Signing off: 
Your loyal coffee-shop fashion blogger,

PS: For those who are interested in my Twitter account, you can find me there anytime... as my iPhone allows for continual Twitter updates. Sometimes they are fashion related, sometimes they are blog related, and a lot of times they're cheese related. @kelliryder is the name. 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life is Too Short!

For those of you who've read all of my posts, you know I've got a little thing for "basics." I love white v-necks, I love Uggs, I love jean shorts. Granted, not all together. I'm not really down with the Uggs and bare legs look, but still. I like plain things. I also make purchases based on how often I intend to wear the garment. "Where could I wear it?" "What shoes/pants/jewelry could I pair this with?" "Is it work appropriate?" "Do I have anything similar to it already?" This question/answer session each time I shopped has resulted in a PAINFULLY LACKLUSTER WARDROBE. I know, because I have been forced to pick and choose from the same items since April 1. Barf, dude.

I honestly don't think you understand how hard this is. I understand some people don't worry about clothes. But ever since I was little, I have had this desire to be that girl. The one who is impeccably dressed and fabulous. Sort of like my Grandma Edith :) And the fact of the matter is, I am just not that girl. I don't think I ever have been. I am pretty normal. I stay within the fashion bounds. I wear what is comfortable and basic and wearable. I AM BORING. And I am pretty sick of it.

I am so sick of it to the point where I literally hate what I am wearing every-day-of-the-week. Hate. Like, I leave the house miserable. I could not tell you the last time I thought, "I look awesome." You know the feeling- when you're rocking your favorite jeans, your tallest heels, and your hair looks like a commercial. I mean... thank you SO much Dez (@Graebers) for helping with the hair part. Because without that, I feel like I don't currently have much else. I am so sick of my boring clothes!

SO, here is my pledge...

After April 1, I refuse to make another boring purchase. I flat out refuse. Life is too short to hate what you're wearing, it really is. So bring on the embellishments, the impractical shoes, and the dress I may only wear once. My closet is BEGGING for some MAJOR MOMENTS and I promise you, dear closet, you'll get them. My first purchase is going to be oozing with glamour, and I am going to make fashion my full time job. Because clearly it makes me happy, and feeling awesome makes me happy... and right now, my closet is making me flat-out unhappy.

So HA.

P.S. OK OK OK. I probably will still buy white v-necks. But you bet your bottoms I'll be pairing them with over the top necklaces and some killer wedges. Particularly, these:

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Do you LOVE Gossip Girl? I sure do. In fact, my biggest regret in life is that I am not Blair Waldorf. Sure, she is immature and sometimes says really inappropriate things and also will mistake princes to be paupers... you know. But she speaks fluent French, has a great complexion, and I swear I've never seen the girl look frumpy. Guys, I completely understand she is fictional but is that really the point? I don't think it is. I mean, even for the brief part of Season 3 where she wore those HORRIBLE dresses and shoes that fully accentuated her cankles, she still was put together.

As for me, I cannot say the same. I am really sorry you guys. I really am. But this is what I wore to work last week:

A black hoodie that is just a smidgen too tight around the neckline, ultimately giving me a tension headache. Some wide leg jeans that, I'll be honest, just don't fit. I don't know why I keep insisting on wearing them. They do not fit me. The waist line is SO small and the butt is not fitted, and I mean ONE OF US (me or the jeans) is NOT proportionate. I am really hoping it is the jeans. I also have my TOMs on, which I love, but they only look good with skinnies or dresses- and that is an absolute fact. In addition, I clearly thought that I could go for hippie-hair and not even pin it up a bit... and I kept my makeup minimal. Which is great, most days. But for a day where THAT is what I felt compelled to leave the house in... I should have caked it on. At least done some blush or something. Idiot.

Here I am, the author of a "fashion" blog, and I look ridiculous. This photo was snapped by my paparazzi and frequent Starbucks partner, Lindy. She couldn't stop laughing. Most might think this makes her a bad friend... but we all should agree it makes her a good friend. She knew I was NOT happy with myself. I was so uncomfortable all day and felt gross and when you feel gross, your whole day is compromised. I know we've all been there. Anyways, I wanted to publish this because it will make me accountable and should never, ever happen again. Just need to pull it togethere here, bless my heart. SO from here on out, I shall channel Blair Waldorf (or maybe just someone who actually cares about their appearance) and never put myself through that again! And, to sign off in true G.G. fashion... xoxo!

The Breakdown

So, I nearly lost it. I almost (almost) broke down and bought some new clothes. Let me take you on the journey that nearly made this blog useless.

It was a bright October Saturday, and lets just be honest here: Someone made me cry. Not like I watched a Hallmark commercial and it was really heartwarming and I teared up. No no, I had snot halfway down my neck and all signs of mascara were on my cheeks. Granted, it is not that hard to get me to cry if you know me. People could pull out a few key aspects about myself and throw them in my face, and the tears will come flooding. Not something I'm proud of- but who are we kidding, the instigator should be the one who is embarrassed (idiot). Needless to say, I'm certain that it wasn't a hot look for me. It was rough, and pretty gross. In addition, I was wearing some STUPID Forever 21 jeans and a STUPID white T-shirt from Target and a STUPID scarf that I don't even like at all. I (obviously) stormed out of my house because I needed out of there ASAP. I didn't really have anywhere to go though, I couldn't get ahold of any friends and my mom was out of town. My dad was also out of town, which is because he lives out of town. Well, it is only about an hour away but still... it is "out" of "town."

So, given my state... the only place I could think of that would comfort me and make me feel better and bring me back to myself was the obvious- Anthropologie. DUH! Where do you think I'd go- a walk through a park? I thought that looking at all the fun dishes and the new fall window display would ease my nerves.

So, I must have cried so much that I was dehydrated and my brain wasn't functioning properly, because upon opening the doors I JETTED into the Sale room. It is not shopping if it is on sale... right? The nice little sales girl got me set up in a dressing room, and clearly... everything fit. The yellow blouse, the fitted blazer, the *multiple* pull over sweatshirts with bows and rhinestones and ribbon.

"I am fairly certain that no one would know if I bought this... and I could just say my mom got it for me. Or that I had it for awhile. These things ARE on sale... so they've been here for awhile. Technically, I could have bought these things 5 months ago. No one has to know...."

So, I text my wingman Rachel... and say "Do you think that I deserve a few new items of clothing because I was crying all morning?"

OKAY At&t really pulled their stuff together because I don't even think she received the whole message before my phone was ringing.

"NO DUDE. No. Put the blazer down and walk away. NO. I know you feel bad now, but think of HOW MUCH WORSE YOU'LL FEEL WHEN YOU BLEW IT. WHEN YOU THREW AWAY YOUR WHOLE BLOG FOR A BLAZER YOU'LL WEAR TWICE."

She was half right... I would feel like crap, but I would have worn the blazer more than twice. I'd probably be wearing it right now. I'd probably wear it on Monday. I'd probably wear it to Thanksgiving dinner with my family, and pair it with a dress for New Years Eve. Regardless, I would have been really upset with myself and it would not have been worth it. So, I told the cute salesgirl that nothing fit, and I walked out the door and went home.

Crisis averted. Given the chance... I would go back in time, have stolen the credit card of the person who made me cry, and had him pick up the Anthropologie tab. But, I still haven't perfected my time machine- and I'm still blazer-less. It was the closest I've come to ruining the entire project and am REALLY proud of myself (and thankful for Rach) for not ruining everything.