Sunday, November 21, 2010

3 Shades of Pink

I have a new roommate as of November 1. She is so much fun, and such a great addition to my life and my home. We are totally having a marathon viewing party of The OC: Season 1. We rush home from work and try to get about 3 episodes a night. Right now, Oliver is about to go bat-sh*t crazy and try to kill Marissa Cooper. He will fail. He basically is to the OC as Georgina is to Gossip Girl. SO nuts, and irritating to watch... and to be honest, totally takes away from the series.

Anyway- Katie and I work together. However, she is an early riser and I am... not. It isn't my fault that my cat is so snuggly in the morning, and my bed is so warm, and that outside is so cold. I just like to be cozy and cubicles are not cozy. The other morning, she knocked on my door to see if I wanted to swing by Java Coffee & Cafe before we went to work. This is what she looked like:

Annnnnd... this is what I looked like:

Katie had the cutest top on... I should have taken a better picture so you could see the stitching. Plus she had her cute boots that I adore... as we all know I am dying without boots. AND THEN THERE IS ME. I literally am (accidentally) wearing 3 shades of pink. Bless my heart, big time. I am wearing a HUGE RVCA v-neck, WalMart $4 sweats... that are definitely tight at the ankles, and my slippers. So... this may be why I am single. Just a thought. However, I did spruce up a bit before leaving the house... so Katie (and now all of you) are the only ones to see this travesty. Just... bless. 

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