Sunday, November 14, 2010

Before there was Twitter...

...there was Clumps Of Mascara. My favorite friend Annelise reads this blog religiously. It is a makeup blog, and as we learned in previous posts my face is usually frumpy. I don't really keep up with makeup trends, and I get overwhelmed in Sephora. I wish I knew what I was doing when applying makeup, but I typically smear some stuff around and call it good. I'm usually too focused on putting together outfits to have time to realized I only put mascara on one eye.

Luckily, Annelise introduced me to this fabulous blog. At CoM I can read up on new makeup releases, get reviews, and my favorite section: For Beauty Beginners. Seriously. This has helped me figure out what is what, what to do with it, etc... and I have found so many cute nail polish colors just by reading through her posts. Nail polish is clearly my therapeutic non-shopping activity.

The author, Brittany Thomas, does a post here and there called "Sista Show-Off."This is where she shows some love to other female bloggers who are "paving the way for women everywhere." Annelise was kind enough to submit my blog to B for the series- and you can read the story HERE!

I'd like to thank B for featuring my blog- as I know many of you readers found me through her! And anyone who has yet to check her out- PLEASE DO. She is wonderful and entertaining, and you can learn a LOT. It def has eased the pain of Sephora trips for me :-)

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Annelise said...

Let's go to Sephora together!!! Woohoo!