Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Breakdown

So, I nearly lost it. I almost (almost) broke down and bought some new clothes. Let me take you on the journey that nearly made this blog useless.

It was a bright October Saturday, and lets just be honest here: Someone made me cry. Not like I watched a Hallmark commercial and it was really heartwarming and I teared up. No no, I had snot halfway down my neck and all signs of mascara were on my cheeks. Granted, it is not that hard to get me to cry if you know me. People could pull out a few key aspects about myself and throw them in my face, and the tears will come flooding. Not something I'm proud of- but who are we kidding, the instigator should be the one who is embarrassed (idiot). Needless to say, I'm certain that it wasn't a hot look for me. It was rough, and pretty gross. In addition, I was wearing some STUPID Forever 21 jeans and a STUPID white T-shirt from Target and a STUPID scarf that I don't even like at all. I (obviously) stormed out of my house because I needed out of there ASAP. I didn't really have anywhere to go though, I couldn't get ahold of any friends and my mom was out of town. My dad was also out of town, which is because he lives out of town. Well, it is only about an hour away but still... it is "out" of "town."

So, given my state... the only place I could think of that would comfort me and make me feel better and bring me back to myself was the obvious- Anthropologie. DUH! Where do you think I'd go- a walk through a park? I thought that looking at all the fun dishes and the new fall window display would ease my nerves.

So, I must have cried so much that I was dehydrated and my brain wasn't functioning properly, because upon opening the doors I JETTED into the Sale room. It is not shopping if it is on sale... right? The nice little sales girl got me set up in a dressing room, and clearly... everything fit. The yellow blouse, the fitted blazer, the *multiple* pull over sweatshirts with bows and rhinestones and ribbon.

"I am fairly certain that no one would know if I bought this... and I could just say my mom got it for me. Or that I had it for awhile. These things ARE on sale... so they've been here for awhile. Technically, I could have bought these things 5 months ago. No one has to know...."

So, I text my wingman Rachel... and say "Do you think that I deserve a few new items of clothing because I was crying all morning?"

OKAY At&t really pulled their stuff together because I don't even think she received the whole message before my phone was ringing.

"NO DUDE. No. Put the blazer down and walk away. NO. I know you feel bad now, but think of HOW MUCH WORSE YOU'LL FEEL WHEN YOU BLEW IT. WHEN YOU THREW AWAY YOUR WHOLE BLOG FOR A BLAZER YOU'LL WEAR TWICE."

She was half right... I would feel like crap, but I would have worn the blazer more than twice. I'd probably be wearing it right now. I'd probably wear it on Monday. I'd probably wear it to Thanksgiving dinner with my family, and pair it with a dress for New Years Eve. Regardless, I would have been really upset with myself and it would not have been worth it. So, I told the cute salesgirl that nothing fit, and I walked out the door and went home.

Crisis averted. Given the chance... I would go back in time, have stolen the credit card of the person who made me cry, and had him pick up the Anthropologie tab. But, I still haven't perfected my time machine- and I'm still blazer-less. It was the closest I've come to ruining the entire project and am REALLY proud of myself (and thankful for Rach) for not ruining everything.



Anonymous said...

Best friends can fix anything. So glad you got out of there! And that AT&T came through fast for you! And that karma is a bitch and the boy that made you cry probably has it coming to him.

BreanneD said...

PROUD OF YOU! Think of all the shopping you can do when you're away on your trip…it'll be amazing!