Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Is this me??

Has anyone else been seeing these Target "Black Friday" 2 Day Sale ads? The lady is hilarious. PUH-LEASE click on the YouTube link or click HERE for easier access to the funniest videos of all time. She basically is me, the night before April 1- and so many people have been telling me that... so I had simply no choice but to put it on my blog. Just watch the video, and you'll understand.

The best part is I am ABSOLUTELY not disagreeing- I am her, she is me... and neither of us CAN WAIT TO SHOP!!

1 comment:

Annelise said...

Kelli, this is SO FUNNY. Johnny and I were watching TV the other day and we were like... "Um... that reminds us of Kelli..." Haha. She's crazy... but always stylish and beautiful :)