Wednesday, November 24, 2010


So, I cannot shop for myself. BUT, I can shop for others!! The woman in the picture is none other than my amazing mother. She is so amazing. I adore her! She is so strong, funny, talented, and sweet. I am so glad that we live in the same city so that we can go to yummy breakfasts (where we were in the picture). Plus she always takes care of me and is always there for me. Really, I adore her. Her birthday was in October... on 10-10-10! What a lucky lady. I'll never get a cool birthday like that. Oh well.. for her birthday, I got her the scarf she is wearing in the photo. It is this beautiful knit scarf with multi colored flowers. I wanted it for myself... but no no. That'd be breaking the rules! However, to spoil my momma with a cute scarf is totally acceptable. I hope she loved it :)

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