Thursday, November 18, 2010

On the Way:

HELLO friends!

I have been MIA for a few days. I've got a "real job" and I love it dearly... and I also love my income. So I've been busting my butt there this week.

And I won't lie, I've also been having a bit of a "The OC: Season 1" marathon with my new roommate, Katie. So the posts have slacked for a few days. Yes, I am embarrassed, thank you for asking.

I just wanted to give you a little preview of what's ahead so you don't all abandon ship. (and don't fret, new posts will be uploaded tomorrow and throughout the weekend!!!)
  • DIY section- I am still crafting away and have made some fun new accessories (and SHOES!), so I will be showcasing those.
  • Halloweenie! I bet you all are wondering what this little fashionista was for Halloween! Oh wait, you weren't wondering? That's cool. I'll still show you because both costumes (that's right, there were two) were AWESOME!
  • I have put my heart in soul in the last few weeks into RE-decorating my home, i.e. un-boy-ing everything. Yes, just think about those three things and it will make sense. MY ROOM IS SO GIRLY AND CUTE NOW!!! So I want to show it off, as I've truly been working pretty hard. I am taking some photos this weekend.
  • Roxy's fashion. Roxy is my cat. She is presh. And stylish!
  • The best thing that has ever happened to me since I started this blog, and...
  • Probably some rants about the new American Girl dolls and their pricing. I read the catalogue last night and can HARDLY BELIEVE that they are charging like $79 dollars for a doll's fondue set. It is not even real fondue. It is fondue for a doll. That isn't alive. I'm seriously pissed.
SO thanks for sticking around, and I'll do plenty of work this evening for you guys! If anyone wanted to send me hundreds of dollars for writing this blog, I totally would update more. But until then, I do have rent to pay. So my real job will always come first!

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