Sunday, November 21, 2010


A lot of you have been asking how I've gotten by without new clothes. SO here is another edition of "Outfits" and it is thoroughly as awkward as the last one.


So this day I went up to McCall, ID with my best friend for a little "friend weekend" away. This is what I wore to work, but the flats weren't really a good call when we got up to the snowy mountains. I am wearing a Forever21 sweater, a cute Old Navy embellished tank, Forever21 jeans, and Steve Madden flats (which I wear... a LOT).  The second picture showcases how much I really feel AWKWARD taking these photos. NOT thrilled. I could never ever be a model.

Back to work I go! First off- my hair is super long! That's pretty cool. Anyways, here I've got an Old Navy camp shirt, a Hanes tank (you know, of the 3 pack variety), Rich&Skinny jeans, and some cute wedges. The necklace is from my momma and up close has cute leopard detail. I love it!

Ahh, side braid... day 1. My military jacket is F21... which wow, I wear stuff from there every day it seems! Anways, the shirt is literally my pajama shirt. As in, I definitely slept in that shirt the night before. I am fairly certain it was once purchased in a "pajama section" of a store. The jeans are James Jeans- which HOLY MOLY when I was like 18 I found them in a mysterious pile of denim in a cute boutique in Fremont (Seattle) and bought them instantly. I don't know if they were actually for sale but the girls totally let me buy them and they are SO comfy. And they were half off. And there are those Steve Madden flats... sigh. I want boots!

Least favorite outfit this week. I have my Rich&Skinnies on again, an Anthro basic black tee... wow a F21 sweater (which sometimes is mistaken to be Juicy, so I'll take it). I obviously didn't want to do my hair, hence the high pony. So I put on some Jessica Simpson shoes in hopes to rebound the hair issue but alas, I look stupid here. Just being honest.


I don't know what compelled me to be so sparkly here but I love it. As you can see, I rocked a side braid again. Am I 11? My necklace is actually a belt... and the sequiny sweater is F21. Wow. Next week, I vow to wear other brands. My jeans are Genetic and the shoes are from Kohl's but I don't remember the brand. I can tell you I also wore a lot of makeup that day and I felt silly. But I love those jeans so much and I was in my braid-comfort-zone so I was pretty stoked.


AHH FRIDAY! Finally. To me, casual Friday means Ugg Friday, and Lindy totally was on the same wavelength because we were twinners. That sweater is absolutely my favorite. I got it at a Ross like a million years ago and I would probably die if I lost it. The scarf is that Miley Cyrus brand from WalMart, this is the RVCA shirt from my PINK POST, I forget what jeans those are... and I cannot tell from the photos. But I can tell you my feet were frumpy and COZY in those Uggs. I know they look dumb... but they are the greatest thing to ever happen to feet. I love them! 

WELP that is it for the last week. I'll try to do it again this week, but no promises I'll look awesome. It is supposed to be like 27 degrees all week. And to me, 27 degrees says "wear a blanket." So we'll see. 


T.C. said...

The sad thing is that most of your "old" outfits are cuter than my new ones! Maybe you should be a personal shopper or a fashion consultant! :)

Eva said...

Good for you!! what a wonderful idea this is. When I stopped buying clothes so often I realized how much I actually DID have, and how many outfits I could make from my closet. :)

Annelise said...


I love this post. It's perfect. You may not like some of those combinations or your side braid... but we LOVE IT. You and your style are perfect. Wonderful! Your new desk looks nice, too :)