Monday, November 29, 2010


Last week was a short work week, and I fully took advantage of the long weekend by FULLY disconnecting. SO that is where I've been, but don't worry- I documented last weeks outfits. As you can see by photo 1- there is NO WAY I am more comfortable with these pictures. I am seriously the most awkward girl that has ever lived. I am like on an episode of MADE on MTV and I need like a life coach to get me out of my shell or something. Or maybe, I need to drink a bottle of wine each day before I take pictures. Because as Facebook will show you, I am grossly photogenic when I've been drinking. However, as Facebook will also show you, I am not really that productive when drinking and I tend to nap. So I wouldn't get any work done at ALL. I guess I'll just keep being awkward...


So Monday, I wore an Old Navy Tunic, a white Hanes undershirt, Forever 21 "jeggings," and my Uggs. BECAUSE THERE WAS LIKE A FOOT OF SNOW ON THE GROUND. Yuck. Winter is ruining my life. Also, my necklace is from Anthopologie and was a gift from Rachel... I screamed when I got it. It's super cute.

Tuesday I awoke to EVEN MORE SNOW, which is CRAP. So I wore a basic white V-neck from Madewell, an Express sweater from like 19 years ago (or 3 years ago, who can be sure), skinny jeans and my fuchsia Uggs... I am not sure if they're cute or not. I like them though...


That picture is really, really gross. Anyways, I am wearing a white shirt from who knows where, a vintage sweater I got at a thrift store, I added on the cute broach. My necklace is from Urban, I am wearing Rich and Skinnies, and weird... Uggs. Bless it.

Hopefully the next episode of "outfits" will not have Uggs in it. But seriously no promises. I live in IDAHO. And every time I look outside, snow is dumping. And TOM's were not made for snow, nor were ballet flats. Which is ridiculous. It is just simply too cold and icy to wear anything but Uggs and there is nothing I can do about it. I am sorry, but not that sorry because at least I was warm.

In addition, if any California/Arizona based magazines want to fly me out for an interview, my sandals are already packed. I literally cannot do this winter thing for much longer.


Tiffany said...

I love all these outfits...Monday's outfit looks extra comfy!! :-D

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