Monday, December 13, 2010

7 Ways to Wear a White Tshirt.

So, readers, I've got some good news and some bad news. I'm sure if you're Facebook friends with me, you've seen a lot of pictures from my session with AmmoPhotog (who, by the way, is an AMAZING photographer and PUH-LEASE go visit her site). Basically, I was given an assignment to showcase SEVEN ways to wear ONE item. I, obv, chose a white v-neck tee from Madewell. Because that is my GO-TO item. Unfortch, the article is not going to be published. DEVASTATING, right? My first "shut down" moment that is writing related. Boo.

BUT, do not fear. I mean, I did for a second, but then... would rather have me as a weekly columnist. And the article was not suited for a weekly column! So... while it is sad that the article won't be on the site- OTHER articles will. Every single week. And of course, all of you will be the first ones to know.

However, I HATE wasting things. So, I wanted to publish the article here so everyone could see. It is really long... Sorry. Hope you enjoy:

You know that girl who always tells the BEST stories and can make a simple visit to the pet store sound funny? Apparently, that’s me. You see, I was the world’s most awkward teenager. I quickly realized I’d never, ever get dates to the Valentine’s Dance, so I decided to be funny instead. I also was really, really clueless about clothes. I dedicated my time to reading fashion magazines and imagining myself as a young, twenty something who was so super stylish and awesome. I was actually quoted, numerous times, saying I just couldn’t wait for a credit card and I was just going to CHARGE IT. Being awesome was the goal.

Well, thankfully as the years passed I kind of grew into my ears and figured out how to put together an outfit. I think. I still spend hours studying fashion magazines, and thank the heavens- I still can be funny. My friends have been begging me to start blogging for years, because rumor has it that no one can recap the night before like me. I love to tell stories and I love to write. So I caved, and I started a blog. However, I figured out in about 3.4 days that my life is fairly boring. After a post about how pretty my town is (Boise, Idaho) and another about how soft my cat is (seriously, I should probably get her coat insured)… I realized I was not creating anything anyone wanted to read. I needed a topic, a story, SOMETHING other than just my miscellaneous thoughts. I mean, my thoughts are legit- just not really entertaining. So, I decided I would stop shopping for a year and created StopShop on April 1, 2010. Boom. I think since I’ve made my own money, I have been playing junior high catch up and just making up for all of the years I didn’t shop or know how to shop. So, I’m an addict. I’ve found that really nothing brings me more joy than sale signs, dressing rooms, and the thrill of walking out of the store victorious. It seemed impossible- because no shopping means no new clothes, no new accessories, and no new shoes. That scarf on sale at Target for like $3.80? The amazing, sequined vintage jacket at the thrift shop by my house? Or the once in a lifetime deal on J. Brand’s? Yeah. I can’t have any of those. It legitimately hurts my heart. Like, I should probably be on some sort of medication to handle this. But, I have my writing topic, and I am happy to be writing. I am not really happy with the fact the year is still 4 months from ending… but I feel pretty awesome having made it this far. And like I said, being awesome was the goal.

So, if you can’t shop for a year… you gotta work with what you got. How annoying, right? Trust me, it has been an ordeal. Those mornings where you feel like you have nothing to wear… is how I start my day, EVERY day. It is seriously a miracle that I don’t break out into hives in the middle of my walk-in closet. But, it is all in the styling. So, when I study those magazines, I pick out what I like and do my best to re-create it. I wanted to show you, my new readers, that it is possible to create many looks with one item. My particular weakness is white v-neck t-shirts. For real, I am going to buy 900 when I can shop again. So, I grabbed my favorite white v-neck from Madewell and put together 7 different looks. I also grabbed my favorite photographer, Amanda of AmmoPhotog  for some help showing you the outfits of a reformed shop-a-holic. Let’s all give her a moment of silent appreciation before I dive into my outfits because otherwise, we’d all be staring at blurry iPhone pictures… and for all you’d know I’d be wearing the same outfit in each picture.

I feel like this look says “Hi! I write a blog!” because that is absolutely what I do. So, this is one of the most common looks you’ll see me in. Jeans. Wedges. White v-neck. Sequin bracelet. But let’s mix it up… a vest! Voila. Like three million times different than if I had no vest. Well, is that technically a vest? I feel like it is. Now I want to be super honest with you… the vest is borrowed. You see, my bank account informs me on a regular basis, shopping or not, that we’re in a recession. (Seriously, who is Chase, and why does he keep texting me about my account balance??) So, if I could buy new things… I’d probably decide not to, and I’d saunter over to my best friend Rachel’s house and borrow her yellow vest. SHOP YOUR CLOSETS folks. Shop your friend’s closets! Be smart. Look how smart I look in those glasses? If you don’t have a piece you need, surely someone else does. And surely if you’re ballsy enough to ask them to borrow it, they’re going to be nice enough to consider your mental health and they’ll lend you what you need. Just carry around a little laundry pen to avoid any stain disasters.

With the holidays FASTLY approaching, I am losing an uncomfortable amount of sleep trying to plan my holiday party outfits. Do you even understand that I can’t buy a new dress for New Years Eve??? Disaster. Seriously. I always buy a new dress for NYE! But, why does every fancy event need to be celebrated in a dress? Here, I paired the t-shirt with a very sparkly (and very short) skirt. I am a party girl, it’s true… but I am a responsible party girl. I don’t drink on work nights. I don’t drink and drive. And I don’t drink and wear super short skirts. No one wants to be that girl who slipped in the snow in her super short skirt. But if you want to rock it, then rock it. Pair it with some hot pumps and don’t forget to moisturize your legs. I always do that, and then have to end up asking randoms in the bar bathroom if they have lotion in their purse. At least I’m bold about some things…

This is another example of basically… how I look every day of the week. I work in a super casual office and am able to wear denim. I consider skinny jeans, flats, a cardigan, and a cute scarf my ‘work uniform.’ So, so, so comfy it should be illegal. This look includes the obvious… a white v-neck. And my every day look always includes a white v-neck. This is why I sometimes would invest in those Hanes 3-packs you get in the men’s underwear section. In addition- I forgot to tell you that just because I can’t shop doesn’t mean I can’t accept gifts. It would be RUDE to not accept gifts. So, my dear friend Lindy and her mother picked out this amazing H&M scarf for me and it was just in time for a blizzard, for real. I love the contrast of it against the white top and the pink cardigan.

Okay, since we’re still being honest, I don’t love this look. So reader I ask you to give me a moment to explain. As I mentioned, I like to get outfit ideas from magazines, and copy them. Well the idea for this was legit, but the execution… or copying… was not my best. I am not sure if it has to do with the fact that the shorts don’t really fit me as they should, or that the blazer is the wrong length. Regardless, I wanted to make a cute, but dressy, shorts look. I know a lot of the fashion world has been up in arms over this fancy shorts thing, but I am all for it. I am pro-shorts. I hope that shorts stick around a long time. And then I may call them longs. Probably not, but still. The point is that with a plain white t-shirt, you have a blank canvas to do with what you like. If you have shorts that fit you properly and a long sleeve blazer, then PLEASE wear the crap out of this look because done right- is amazing. So chic.

As I mentioned, I live in Boise, Idaho. I am going to bet my favorite pair of earrings that you don’t know where that is. Thank you, Google. But really… we’re not known for our cutting edge level of fashion. I mean, we got the skinny jean tread like 3 years late, and it changed my life. I wasted 3 years not knowing about skinny jeans. So, you can imagine faux fur vests aren’t really sweeping the college campus here. I, obviously, have one. I have had it for over a year. And I never wear it because… no one wears it. That is not the point of fashion though, as I’ve learned spending a year being FORCED to create outfits. So, I layered it over my white tee and paired it with some amazing knee high DKNY boots. When I look at this photo, this is how I imagine I am dressed all of the time. In reality, I am often in this exact outfit, just minus the vest. Silly me. If you see trends that you KNOW look good in magazines and online, then go for it. Make that trend your full time job when you wear it. Otherwise, you’ll spend a great portion of your early twenties feeling like that awkward 8th grader at the Valentine’s Dance alone. If you’re like me, you remember events based on what you wore- so better make some gorgeous memories.

Shortly after the awkward 8th grade phase of my life came the punk rock freshman year. Those who’ve read my blog have been blessed with the photo of me in Dickies, a Jesus is my Homeboy t-shirt, and a slicked back ponytail. Luckily I found out what flat irons were later on, and dodged a lifetime of terrible hair. In addition, I found out you don’t have to be cliché to create a certain look. I didn’t need to wear literal skateboarding clothes because I liked a certain type of music. So, here we have a basic faux leather jacket with some grey J. Brand skinnies. My shoes are fairly plain as well, and instead of huge hoops or gauged earrings, I’ve just got some simple studs. When wearing a piece like the jacket, there is not really a need to go overboard with anything else. The best part is, I don’t actually have to wear this to a literal concert. I can wear it to the bars with my friends, and not look like I’m trying too hard. I absolutely hate the ‘try too hard’ look. I feel like just hugging people who tried too hard. Fashion should always be fun, not strained or uncomfortable.

I saved this look for last because it has my absolute favorite item EVER. My leopard print scarf. I got this so long ago, and suddenly leopard scarves are everywhere again. I think the fashion gods felt super sorry for the poor girl who had to wear old clothes all the time and they did her a favor. The scarf is big time too, super vibrant and pretty. None of that half-assed ‘fade to leopard’ crap. No way. If you’re going to do leopard, don’t half-ass it. The softness of the scarf paired with the softness of the t-shirt totally outshines the pain of the cage shoes. Those are hot, but seriously so not me. I bought them impulsively before a Vegas trip because I thought I was a Kardashian and it just isn’t me. However, when put together as a military look… they are gorgeous. What I love about this the most is how it really wraps up how many different looks you can create using ONE basic. Don’t worry, you’re already welcome.

Hopefully this has given you all some new outfit ideas, but more so I hope it has shown you that you really don’t need all new things ALL the time. You can mix and match and make any look you want with a few basics, and some unexpected pairings. Anyone can wear a white v-neck with a pair of jeans and sneakers, but I am nearly 800% positive that with a little extra thought and planning, you can be totally awesome. My 8th grade self would be SO jealous (though probably disappointed that I don’t have a BMW yet). For more outfit ideas FULL of old clothes, you can follow me on twitter @kelliryder or always catch my blog, StopShop. And to all the other normal girls out there, don’t worry- you really don’t have to be boring no matter where you live. Wear what you want, and be happy… because I swear, happy is always in style.


ammophotog said...

BLURG! They *so* should have published this. You did an excellent job. Thanks for letting me a part of it!
xo Ammo

Kaleena J. said...

my fave is the blogger... only because i'm obsessed with those shoes haha

BreanneD said...

this seriously helped me get dressed today

taylor said...

Pretty awesome photography, and a great blog. Cheers.

Bonnie said...

I love this Kelli! You are so entertaining to read :)

garofoli said...

where did you get that cute new years skirt? The black lacey?? I need to find one for myself.

kellianne said...

Thank you Everyone!! The New Years skirt was Forever 21, but I saw a TON of similiar ones at Macy's and also BCBG has one like it this season as well!

Anonymous said...

Love, Ms. Ryder!!! I feel like hugging people who try too hard too, especially in my department- make up! I love your voice, keep up the hard work. :)