Thursday, December 9, 2010


SERIOUSLY TARGET? Seriously?? I am flat out confused right now. You probably are too... Why don't we start from the beginning?... SO: My roomie, Katie, wanted some help picking out a fun "leggings" outfit, which often times is my favorite kind of outfit. Leggings are the closest thing possible to not wearing pants, and still looking like you have pants on... and not wearing pants is super comfortable. I mean really. If I am in my home, pants are rarely in the equation. TMI? Maybe, but not worried about it. This isn't even about my pants preference, it's about our trip to Target. SO I had just gotten done at the gym (yeah, I started working out again, weird, more on that later), hence the yoga pants, Uggs, and big sweatshirt. To elaborate on those, I'd like to mention that both the pants and the sweatshirt are LOCAL COMPANIES! (my employer) and of course, MT Theory, a local skate/snow/awesome company. Anyways, we're perusing through the clothes section at Target. Around every corner, I had a heart attack. SO MANY CUTE THINGS. And then there were overalls. Are we serious?? I'm just wondering. Is this a joke, or are these really for sale? Literally, I just want to know. And they aren't even just overalls, they are like... destructed overalls, with patches, like something that a scarecrow would wear. I honestly don't understand. And the worst part? There was a shorts version on the other side. I seriously just don't know. I mean, overalls are bad enough but are people literally going to buy these and like, wear the shorts version with Uggs? I am just asking. Who knows, maybe this summer I'll eat my words and wear overalls straight through to next Halloween. I doubt it, but maybe.


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Remember how last time you were like, "UGH! Clogs!" and then you saw Miley rocking them? I just bet that some super A-lister like your girl Blake Lively already stepped out and looked stunning in them. Figures, huh? Dang them overalls. You could totally pull them off... but please don't :) Love you, girl.

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