Thursday, December 30, 2010


This blog has brought me a lot of things.

It has brought me confidence. It has made me realize I have unbelievable will-power and self control. It has made me realize I can basically do anything I set my mind to. It makes me really, really proud of myself.

It has brought me some cute gifts :-) For example, over Christmas I was really blessed with a new blazer (thanks Ash) and a GREAT blouse (thanks Rach) and a SUPER great Style book (thanks Lindy) and of course lots of cute new sweaters (thanks Mama)! My birthday? I got hooked up then too. Now, when people may think to buy me a gift card to Bardenay, I get new threads instead. JACKPOT. Seriously, nicest people ever in my life.

It has also brought me a lot of new people. I don't mean to sound like I am really, really popular or something. I mean that a lot of people I wouldn't really talk to are reading my blog, and because of that, I've met some great new friends. It is SO cool to see girls in the bar who I've never really talked to- and be told "Hey Kelli! I LOVE your blog!" or to have guys at work say "My girlfriend LOVES your blog." It makes me really overwhelmed and really joyful. I seriously appreciate the people who take the time to read this, and who are enjoying reading it as much as I enjoy writing.

I have one new friend in particular, and she is amazing for real. Like you guys, she is probably my long lost twin. Let me tell you about BELLA. She is such an inspiring girl, and I am so glad that she found my blog and
that we've become close. Now--- we've never met in person, which is a bummer. But we are from the same small town and have a TON of mutual friends. However, while I'm still typing away in Idaho, girlfriend has gone on to bigger and better and huger things- and is living the American dream in LA. She LOVES the beauty industry, and has been fortunate enough to be able to tie her passion of writing to her LOVE of beauty products. I seriously am clueless about beauty stuff, as I mentioned in my Clumps of Mascara post. Seriously, I don't know what goes where and why. Even though I worked for Aveda for 2 years, I still stumble into salons and and Sephora and just kind of blink. SO why would miss Bella be able to help me with this??? Because she has her VERY own blog: ColorMeBella. She writes ALL about different makeup brands, hair products- everything I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT. And she does it well. She has an AMAZING voice and I thoroughly enjoy her writing. If she has taught me anything through our emails and texts- it is to STAY TRUE to your voice and people will enjoy reading. So that is EXACTLY what I've done. And I am proud to say, I've done something for her too. She has decided to take her blog in a HUGE DIRECTION. Bella, a beauty addict, is going to go SIX MONTHS without coloring, cutting, or even STRAIGHTENING her hair.

Holy. Mack. I mean, I might be able to go a year without shopping- but you better believe that my buns are seated firmly in my stylist's chair every five weeks. And that my GHD flat iron is plugged in promptly at 8 every morning.

I honestly don't know how she is going to do it-- but I have found in my own journey that public accountability is huge. If I didn't have readers, I would have broken down and got myself some new J. Brand's MONTHS ago. I wouldn't have made it 2 weeks in the summer without new sandals, but I knew I had readers who wanted to see my succeed. With that, I not only ask, I beg, all of your to venture over to ColorMeBella and support my girl. I am 150% positive that she will succeed, and I want all of you to cheer her on. This is a huge, HUGE deal. And if anything, you'll get to learn about all the new makeup and beauty trends... which for me, is enough to read this blog until the day I die.



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Lash Lady said...

You NEED to meet her. She was my sister's sorority sister and is just the nicest girl ever. So lucky to be doing what she's doing. Thanks for featuring her on here. She is a woman-preneur, just like you!