Thursday, December 30, 2010


So, I have been slacking on taking pics of what I've been wearing. DON'T FRET. I have been dressing my best. I am not embarrassed or anything. It is just that I am SO BUSY at work that I forget about things like bracelets and boots and documenting them. However, I have two photos saved from a few weeks ago. It has been SO COLD AND SNOWY here, and I have been a little irritated to be quite honest. But, it hasn't prevented me from putting a little extra effort in. I mean we don't want a repeat of baggy jeans/TOMs/no makeup. That would be pretty devastating and I might lose all my friends. I mean, I wouldn't LOSE them, but I'd be forced to go to Starbucks alone.

SO here is outfit ONE:
Grey J. Brands, boots, black tee, and my amazing scarf from the Merida Family. Of course, I have a side braid, because as far as I know they are still super in and I am still super lazy...

and Outfit TWO:
Holy Macaroni, my hair is down. WHAT AN ACCOMPLISHMENT. However, I AM wearing Uggs, there was a foot of snow on the ground. Ok maybe the ground was just cold and there wasn't actual snow, but I am not really sure how that is applicable to this conversation. I have an old F21 sweater on and a FABULOUS necklace my friend Stephanie gave me in July for my bday! I love it... I'll have to post a close up pic sometime because it is realllllllly cute.

Anyways, I was really proud of myself for a) getting out of bed early enough to put thought into my appearance, b) not getting too caught up in flow charts to forget to document it, and c) finally sitting down and writing about it now. ENJOY!


Fashion Cappuccino said...

I love both of your outfits! You look so pretty with your hair down! xoxoxoo

joninel said...

nice to know your blog :)