Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So, since I started this little bloggy blog, I am going to be pretty honest. I stopped reading books for fun. I read books for work... but I haven't read a juicy novel in months and months. I literally sit on my little iPhone and read fashion blogs. I love it. I love getting outfit ideas and learning about the new nail polish colors and hair trends and whether or not plaid is still cute. (It is, I'm writing this in a plaid shirt, and since you asked- my nails are bright purp. I might as well be a Laker fan).

Anyways, my friend Ray Gadd (who, by the way, is an amazing photographer. You can check out his blog HERE) sent me a link on Facebook to a fashion blogger contest on Refinery29. I really like the girls at Refinery29- they have a ton of amazing articles and it covers everything stylish. (Speaking of... I just read on there that Lady Gaga is making a perfume. And that is is going to smell like "blood and semen." Seriously. Sorry that this blog just turned away from family friendly for a second, but I am beyond repulsed. She just got SO weird...)
Well the contest is basically to find the next great style blogger- which is clearly me- and you need VOTES to get to the semi-finals. SO, I need all of you LOYAL READERS to go vote for me... and I will love you all forever. SO, here are the voting steps.

1. Go to the contest by clicking HERE.
2. Underneath the words THE CONTENDERS, you'll see something that says "You will need to sign in with your Facebook account to vote."
3. So do that... Sign in with your Facebook account!
4. Locate this dorky girl:
5. Click that cute little heart.

And that is it!  I really appreciate the LOVE and to pay you back for voting- I love you ALL until the day I die. :-)


Monday, January 24, 2011


One thing I am REALLY looking forward to purchasing is a new pair of sunnies! I like calling sunglasses "sunnies" because it sounds cute and happy, and I know that there is a very specific type of person out there who would get annoyed by such a thing. And that is usually the type of person I love annoying the most.

I really NEED new sunglasses, and not just because my future is so bright either. Nearly a year ago... I had 10 or more pairs of sunglasses (sunnies, muahaha). I don't usually buy them unless they are $12 or less. See... I take really good care of my clothing and shoes. But sunglasses? Well... a lot can happen to them... including (but not limited to):
  • Being sat on.
  • My cat chewing on them.
  • My cat harboring them in her pirate ship (yes, she has a pirate ship- its pretty presh).
  • Losing them (for above reason, or simply being left at a restaurant or friends house)
  • Getting scratched in my purse.
  • Breaking them into multiple pieces.
  • Stepping on them.
SO why would I get expensive ones? It would just be a waste. Sometimes I think "WELL, if I had some adorb Chanel glasses, I'd sure take really good care of them..." but is it worth the trial and error? Prob not. So I buy them from kiosks in the mall, gas stations, or I inherit them (for example I once had a pair of Budweiser wayfarers) (classy). However... I have had to use what I've got for 10 months. Therefore... I have ONE pair of sunglasses to my name right now. ONE. They are my favorite, whew, but they are on thin ice... The aviators below are my most prized possesion right now.
If I lose them or break them... I could go blind before April 1. I guess I could always get my pupils dilated at the eye doctor and get some of those oversized goggles for free...

I guess you can DEFINITELY assume that sunnies will be my FIRST purchase of April! I will probably buy every pair of cheapo glasses Boise has to offer and wear them all at the same time. Seriously... I have made a lot of adjustments this year- and I didn't think about sunnies being one of them. Having a choice of glasses in 2 months will be just a REALLY special thing.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What I've Learned...

Every time someone asks how much longer I have on my journey, the follow up response is "WOW! You must be SO EXCITED to shop!"

Ding ding ding!

I sure am. I can't wait! I have really thought a lot about my style and pieces I'd love to own. For me, shopping will no longer be about trotting to Forever 21 and spending $100 on crap.

If I've learned anything through this year, it is that I have a CLOSET FULL OF CRAP. Useless clothes that I would never wear- and I now know I'd never wear them because I've gone 9 months without new clothes, and these things are STILL on the same hanger they were when this started.

I almost feel bad for these clothes, because in all honesty about 50% of them have genuinely not been touched in 9 MONTHS. What a waste! That is money that could have been saved for a vacation, and in all reality... if I piled it all together, I could have a Chanel on my arm and a LOT nicer shoes in the closet.

What I am most excited for is not just shopping- but "the hunt." I want to leave my house on a mission and spend the afternoon in thrift stores and vintage shops searching for the perfect fitted jacket or sequined designer clutch. I want to know what I am looking for instead of wandering aimlessly through discount stores and shoe sales. It is no longer about buying it just because.

I have realized fashion is much more about your own personal style and pieces to fit that style, not a $12 dress that "would be great if I ever went on a cruise," or a $4 shirt that, well, was only $4 so why WOULDN'T you buy it? (Thank you, Old Navy) (You all know you own at least 5 things from the Old Navy sale rack)

I have spent the year contemplating what I want my style to be, pieces that I wish I had, and looks I wish I could create but don't have what I need in my closet to do so. That has been the hardest part. I have spent so much money on these $4 shirts and $19 dollar shoes and they are just sitting there. If I had put more thought into my clothing before I went a year cold turkey, I would have a LOT chic-er outfits on a daily basis.

So to answer every question about "what I've learned" through this year, and what I plan to do when it is over:

-YES, I have saved money- a lot of it. But, that has not been the biggest lesson for me. I've always been thrifty and so for me, this wasn't about the money.
-YES, I am going to shop the second that I can. I fully intend on having a full shopping cart on and hitting order when the clock changes to midnight.
-NO, I am NOT going to "go crazy." I am going to have a few, very well thought out, items of clothing that I want. A few shoes, a new bag, and a lot of pieces I will actually wear.

This year was the most beneficial thing I've ever done, because I no longer will waste my money and time purchasing things I don't actually like. Perhaps it is a Boise thing- we zip on over the the Towne Square Mall and grab a few things for the weekend, or buy things that "maybe" we will wear if we have a birthday party to attend or a presentation at work. We all sort of dress alike and base what we want to wear on our one or two REALLY stylish friends. I have spent so much time trying to copy them instead of expanding my OWN style. Because of this, I am not happy with my clothes because they aren't ME. I think my friends all look great, but because they stick to what they want. I have always felt like I am not very stylish or a fashionista because I am dressing how I think others want me to, not how I want to.  So YES, I AM excited to shop. I am REALLY excited to shop, but only because I finally know what I want.

Come April 1, I am going to donate a LOT of my clothes to Goodwill and my shopping trips will no longer be "retail therapy," but a mission to get what I truly want to own. Shopping will now be a TRUE love, way more than before... and I will always love what I wear. I have learned a lot about myself and fashion, and believe me... I CANNOT wait for April 1.

So... come April 1... this blog will STILL exist. However, it won't be about NOT shopping. It will be all about fashion, style, and life. I am really excited to continue with my blog and continue writing things everyone will enjoy reading. If you have any ideas for the path this blog should take, leave it in the comments. And thank you EVERYONE who has made it through these 9 months.

If you think about it... that is the time for a baby to be born. That is gross (I mean, not super gross to all my mom friends, but kind of gross)... but a suitable metaphor. This blog is just now being born and heading in a GREAT direction :-)

OK so let us all give Google a little moment of silent appreciation for their new site, Have you had a chance to look at this?? I mean, no one can really describe it better than the site itself:

 " is built on technology developed by our team of fashion experts who work with engineers to “teach”computer systems to understand various patterns, pairings, and genre definitions. When signed into your account, learns about your style and preferences and in turn, provides you better results and recommendations over time. Ultimately, will provide shoppers with a much richer and interactive shopping experience and help drive traffic to retailers' websites."

Did you get that?? Basically, you plug it what you like, their computers remember it, and then every time you look- your style is AUTO GENERATED for you. No sifting through CRAP overalls or cage shoes if that is not your thing.

What I like most about it is you can choose a celeb, and browse THEIR boutique. Example: Say every time you see Rashida Jones (one of my style icons), you think she looks amazing. Well, she has her OWN boutique. And in that boutique is her style statement, and all these clothes that she loves. She picks a bunch to put in there- then Google is all smart and computery and adds in a bunch of clothes that fit the same genre. I mean come on, that is so genius.

So, I decided to create my own boutique, based on my own personal style.  I filled out a survey that showcased multiple looks, and I selected the ones that were most my style. It was pretty fun choosing between similar looks. I basically just imagined which outfit I would feel most confident in. To me, style is difficult. Sometimes it is easy to mimic exactly what others are wearing- but that is not always ME and I am not always comfortable when I do that. I will get more to "my style" later...

Once I finished choosing my styles, I got to go through my LOVES and my HATES. For example, I hate (HATE) polka dots, so I plugged those on in there. Same went for silhouettes, shoe styles, EVERYTHING.

Once done... VOILA. My very own store front. And I can click through and select everything I love, and everything that makes me barf. If it makes me barf, it is removed and so are all other like items.

I am telling you this is seriously genius. I mean... the best part though, is my storefront popped up a LOT, and I mean like a ridic amount... of skinny pants and white t shirts, black dresses and flats. Woops. I guess figured me out. I guess I am kind of boring, and I guess that is okay.

SO, if you want to see my boutique: CHECK IT OUT HERE. I will keep it updated and plan on working through it so I can really hammer out my style. It is going to make shopping SO EASY once I am able to.

PS--- Do you think I should be concerned with how many plain tshirts showed up??