Wednesday, January 5, 2011

OK so let us all give Google a little moment of silent appreciation for their new site, Have you had a chance to look at this?? I mean, no one can really describe it better than the site itself:

 " is built on technology developed by our team of fashion experts who work with engineers to “teach”computer systems to understand various patterns, pairings, and genre definitions. When signed into your account, learns about your style and preferences and in turn, provides you better results and recommendations over time. Ultimately, will provide shoppers with a much richer and interactive shopping experience and help drive traffic to retailers' websites."

Did you get that?? Basically, you plug it what you like, their computers remember it, and then every time you look- your style is AUTO GENERATED for you. No sifting through CRAP overalls or cage shoes if that is not your thing.

What I like most about it is you can choose a celeb, and browse THEIR boutique. Example: Say every time you see Rashida Jones (one of my style icons), you think she looks amazing. Well, she has her OWN boutique. And in that boutique is her style statement, and all these clothes that she loves. She picks a bunch to put in there- then Google is all smart and computery and adds in a bunch of clothes that fit the same genre. I mean come on, that is so genius.

So, I decided to create my own boutique, based on my own personal style.  I filled out a survey that showcased multiple looks, and I selected the ones that were most my style. It was pretty fun choosing between similar looks. I basically just imagined which outfit I would feel most confident in. To me, style is difficult. Sometimes it is easy to mimic exactly what others are wearing- but that is not always ME and I am not always comfortable when I do that. I will get more to "my style" later...

Once I finished choosing my styles, I got to go through my LOVES and my HATES. For example, I hate (HATE) polka dots, so I plugged those on in there. Same went for silhouettes, shoe styles, EVERYTHING.

Once done... VOILA. My very own store front. And I can click through and select everything I love, and everything that makes me barf. If it makes me barf, it is removed and so are all other like items.

I am telling you this is seriously genius. I mean... the best part though, is my storefront popped up a LOT, and I mean like a ridic amount... of skinny pants and white t shirts, black dresses and flats. Woops. I guess figured me out. I guess I am kind of boring, and I guess that is okay.

SO, if you want to see my boutique: CHECK IT OUT HERE. I will keep it updated and plan on working through it so I can really hammer out my style. It is going to make shopping SO EASY once I am able to.

PS--- Do you think I should be concerned with how many plain tshirts showed up??

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