Wednesday, January 26, 2011


So, since I started this little bloggy blog, I am going to be pretty honest. I stopped reading books for fun. I read books for work... but I haven't read a juicy novel in months and months. I literally sit on my little iPhone and read fashion blogs. I love it. I love getting outfit ideas and learning about the new nail polish colors and hair trends and whether or not plaid is still cute. (It is, I'm writing this in a plaid shirt, and since you asked- my nails are bright purp. I might as well be a Laker fan).

Anyways, my friend Ray Gadd (who, by the way, is an amazing photographer. You can check out his blog HERE) sent me a link on Facebook to a fashion blogger contest on Refinery29. I really like the girls at Refinery29- they have a ton of amazing articles and it covers everything stylish. (Speaking of... I just read on there that Lady Gaga is making a perfume. And that is is going to smell like "blood and semen." Seriously. Sorry that this blog just turned away from family friendly for a second, but I am beyond repulsed. She just got SO weird...)
Well the contest is basically to find the next great style blogger- which is clearly me- and you need VOTES to get to the semi-finals. SO, I need all of you LOYAL READERS to go vote for me... and I will love you all forever. SO, here are the voting steps.

1. Go to the contest by clicking HERE.
2. Underneath the words THE CONTENDERS, you'll see something that says "You will need to sign in with your Facebook account to vote."
3. So do that... Sign in with your Facebook account!
4. Locate this dorky girl:
5. Click that cute little heart.

And that is it!  I really appreciate the LOVE and to pay you back for voting- I love you ALL until the day I die. :-)



Linton from London said...


I just came across your blog.
GREAT blog :)
I'll definitely help out by voting.

Stop by and visit my blog. Hopefully we can follow each others blogs???

Linton from London

Tori Thompson said...

You're blog is super cute, and boy do you have some willpower! I would not be able to go a week with out shopping, let alone a year, yikes!! Check out my blog when you're not shopping :D

I'll send my vote your way!