Monday, January 24, 2011


One thing I am REALLY looking forward to purchasing is a new pair of sunnies! I like calling sunglasses "sunnies" because it sounds cute and happy, and I know that there is a very specific type of person out there who would get annoyed by such a thing. And that is usually the type of person I love annoying the most.

I really NEED new sunglasses, and not just because my future is so bright either. Nearly a year ago... I had 10 or more pairs of sunglasses (sunnies, muahaha). I don't usually buy them unless they are $12 or less. See... I take really good care of my clothing and shoes. But sunglasses? Well... a lot can happen to them... including (but not limited to):
  • Being sat on.
  • My cat chewing on them.
  • My cat harboring them in her pirate ship (yes, she has a pirate ship- its pretty presh).
  • Losing them (for above reason, or simply being left at a restaurant or friends house)
  • Getting scratched in my purse.
  • Breaking them into multiple pieces.
  • Stepping on them.
SO why would I get expensive ones? It would just be a waste. Sometimes I think "WELL, if I had some adorb Chanel glasses, I'd sure take really good care of them..." but is it worth the trial and error? Prob not. So I buy them from kiosks in the mall, gas stations, or I inherit them (for example I once had a pair of Budweiser wayfarers) (classy). However... I have had to use what I've got for 10 months. Therefore... I have ONE pair of sunglasses to my name right now. ONE. They are my favorite, whew, but they are on thin ice... The aviators below are my most prized possesion right now.
If I lose them or break them... I could go blind before April 1. I guess I could always get my pupils dilated at the eye doctor and get some of those oversized goggles for free...

I guess you can DEFINITELY assume that sunnies will be my FIRST purchase of April! I will probably buy every pair of cheapo glasses Boise has to offer and wear them all at the same time. Seriously... I have made a lot of adjustments this year- and I didn't think about sunnies being one of them. Having a choice of glasses in 2 months will be just a REALLY special thing.


~*~ amanda ~*~ said...

I too love cheap sunnies! And auto-correct just made that sunbird... Srsly I don't understand auto-correct. Anyhoo I just wanted to say that I think "sunnies" sounds British.

Kaleena J. said...

Cute! I think i'm going to start calling them sunnies too. haha it sounds so cute.

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Ugh. Cheap is definitely better. I had a pair of Fendis that I LOVED - they'd been left my a customer where I worked and never claimed so they became mine.

Then they somehow broke in my purse. So sad. Glad I didn't pay for them!

Fashion By He said...

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Fashion by He


Wow, an entire year without shopping!? I'm impressed! Definitely following you.

I love sunglasses, but I agree -- why buy the expensive ones? As long as they're cute and get the job done, I don't care who makes 'em.

Aw, a cat in a pirate ship! I wanna see pictures :)