Thursday, February 17, 2011

My First Purchase...

I CAN'T BELIEVE THE YEAR IS ALMOST UP. I have really decreased blogging, and increased online window shopping. I have full shopping carts on so many sites. Sigh. I cannot AND I MEAN CANNOT wait to click that shiny order button. Sigh.

Everyone keeps saying "ARE YOU GOING TO GO CRAAAAZY?" No, I'm not a ding dong! I am going to make very well thought out purchases. Why would I fill my closet with crap that I will never wear? I learned my lesson. You see, I went an entire year without shopping- and was forced to wear all the impulse crap I bought before. Stupid tshirts that don't even fit right.

My literal FIRST purchase is going to be these:
These Michael Antonio black wedges. I know, for a fact, that I will get the most use out of a pair of all black wedges. And these really are just great. I check Piperlime EVERY DAY to make sure my size is still in stock. And I will absolutely overnight them. And wear them to work EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I have this strange obsession with wedges and skinny jeans. And these, THESE, are going to look SO. GREAT.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Fancy Pants.

As most of you know, I live in Boise, ID. Gross. Just kidding, not gross. But I mean... come on. When our Macy's got True Religions it was like the best day of all time. And I don't even like True Religions. There just aren't a lot of shopping options here. There is one place though that is A MUST. It is a local boutique that I adore with literally the cutest name of all time: Fancy Pants.

This store is located downtown and has the best selection for denim in Boise. In fact, Fancy Pants is the FIRST place I ever purchased premium denim from... in my life. They were a pair of True Religion Joey's. My style has since changed, and they always are fully stocked with skinnies for me. I have gotten J. Brands, Rich and Skinnies, Genetics, and William Rast there. The owners, Courtney and Jaime, honestly give the BEST customer service of all time. They remember customers, they remember their style, and visiting the store is like visiting friends. I obviously don't have a ton of money to spend (silly tuition, silly rent, silly money) but I am treated with the same service no matter what. Because of this, I honestly don't even know what other boutiques are IN Boise. Are there any? See... who even knows.

I still visit the shop when I am feeling blue and unstylish to visit the girls and see what they have. I have told them I will literally be sleeping outside of the front door the night of March 31 and be ready to SHOP. Here is what I'm genuinely jonesing for:
These Current/Elliot harvest shorts. True story, in the summer, I LIVE in jorts. And yah... I absolutely call them jorts. Jorts=jean shorts. Yeah, I'm 11. **ALSO FOR MY MALE READERS: Jean shorts on girls? ADORB. Jean shorts on YOU? Gross. Boys- Jorts are a no. xoxo!
This Haute Hippie Crystal Blouse. Well two things about me that are upsettingly true? I LOVE blouses, and I LOVE sparkle. Combine the two and I need to take a seat and compose myself. I am so in love with this blouse. So cute. SO me. Imagine it with jorts? Sigh.
Now maybe we should discuss this Rebecca Taylor dress. I sort of envision myself just in really ANY situation, and this dress seems like it'd be just perfect to wear. Plus, it has POCKETS. Really if ANYTHING has pockets, I'll buy it.

Okay, I honestly haven't even gotten to the greatest part yet. I like to save that for last. Fancy Pants is now... ONLINE.
YEP! SO any of you readers that are NOT a hop skip and jump from downtown Boise? You can just LEAVE MY BLOG RIGHT NOW and head over to FPSTYLE. I'd love to keep rambling, but honestly, I've said it all. This is an amazing local boutique, with amazing owners, and amazing clothes. They absolutely have a lifetime customer in me... and lucky for Fancy Pants (and really lucky for me), in a mere 44 days, I will be a returning customer.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This blog post is not fashion related, nor is it StopShop related. It is completely irrelevant to my blog as a whole. However, it is the funniest text conversation I've EVER read in my entire life. And I had to share it, and it was far too long for a Tweet or status update. So my blog readers now get to enjoy what nearly killed me at work. Laughing. For. Days.

My best friend, Rachel, was at the Student Union building trying to study. You see, she is a very serious nursing student and is often so busy that some days we can only keep in touch through texting. But, I am super duper busy at work these days- so I looked down and it was like Rachel: 9 messages or whatever. Here it is:
  • I'm watching this real awkward interaction of the asking of a first date.
  • I can't freaking concentrate. They didn't know each other when I sat down. Now, they are going wine tasting this weekend.
  • This is so distracting. 
  • I keep looking over at them. It's so obvious I'm eavesdropping. 
  • Do people really just start chatting in public places and then go out that weekend?
  • This is so weird to me.
  • Oh sh*t now his friends have joined. They might just go to happy hour RIGHT NOW.
  • I'm not joking. How is this happening? 
  • Bless.
  • I'm sorry I'm blowing your phone up.
  • They finally left I can finally get back to reading. Omg I can't even believe how cool they acted.
  • A girl just sat down across from me. I will lose my sh*t if she asks me to a wine tasting.
  • You've GOT to get here. Who knows who will pick you up???
  • May I just mention when I said awkward I meant myself. Because I couldn't stop watching. They were cool as cucumbers. 
Maybe none of you think this is amazing. But it is the funniest thing ever. It is times like these I need a Tumblr account. Sigh. Ok, back I go to normal fashion blogging. 

Monday, February 7, 2011


It has taken me FAR too long to publish this post. I feel AWFUL, that is for sure. This is one of the most important posts I'll ever make.

So, I have been seriously blessed with the most AMAZING family in the history of families. I had a very special childhood, with a ton of family gatherings with my extended family. I was a little firefly with long blonde hair who was always in a dress. Seriously- have I told you guys that? I didn't wear jeans until I was in like 4th grade. Literally.

Anyways, I have this really funny memory... I must have been about 5. I was all dressed up with my hair in braids and my older cousin, John, told me I looked nice. I paused whatever I was doing and said "I KNOW!" and promptly continued prancing and dancing and doing whatever it was I even did. Prancing seems about right. Maybe went and ate a corn dog or something. Don't worry, I've since learned manners and the proper usage of "Thank-You," and my family actually kept me around (whew).

So, fast forward a few years. I stopped prancing (not really, I still sort of cartwheel everywhere I go), and my cousin John decided to marry this GORGEOUS blonde, Andrea. And they proceeded to have the cutest kids of all time. Their family is seriously something I can only dream for some day. I have not always been certain that I want children (something that makes my parents a little nervous on the grandchild front). However, I started babysitting for them a few years ago, and it has honestly made me absolutely certain I must have a family of my own someday. Granted, that someday is really undefined... but I know when I am ready, a family is absolutely in my future. When I first started babysitting, it was Jack and Naomi... who I just adored. The pic below is of the three of us at a fashion show I did for a local boutique. They braved the cold to watch their cousin Kelli's big day:
Then, little baby Josie was born. I hadn't been around babies much. I've been around lots of "kids," you know... of the walking and talking variety... but never babies. Baby Jo is about the most presh little baby I've ever encountered. Here is a cute pic of all three last Halloween (Harry Potter, Batman, and the cutest chick of all time):
So, in November, they were in Malibu because Andrea was running in the Malibu Marathon (yeah... gorgeous, super-mom, and just runs marathons in her spare time). I got a voicemail from her, which I still have saved (because it was so special). The summary? They were in the most AMAZING outlet mall (the Camarillo outlets) and she didn't think she could be there without giving me a call. She then proceeded to tell me that she had read about how I was longing for some new shoes... and they'd love to pick out a pair for me. The rest of my afternoon was spent gazing at picture texts of amazing Kate Spade heels, Michael Kors ankle boots, and... the winners: DKNY knee high black boots. They had them shipped to my house... and when I saw the box on my front porch, I literally threw my purse in the snow and went running. My neighbors have a lot of reasons to think I'm nuts, and this added to it. I ripped my Uggs off right on the porch, and put on my new STUNNING boots. I have worn them at least 4 times a week this winter. They are SO comfortable, and perfect for work OR going out. I'm sure you've seen them in a previous post... but to refresh your memory, here is a pic:
I have never been so thankful, humbled, excited, or overwhelmed with a gift. It was one of the kindest things, and truly made my rocky 2010 worth it. It also helped me walk right into 2011, as stylish as can be. I could never say thank you enough... because these boots will be a staple in my wardrobe for years and years to come. I am so blessed to be in touch with such an amazing family, and I must say... they absolutely earned free babysitting for life. :-)

Thursday, February 3, 2011


I know, I know. I am the worst blogger in the history of blogs. I am sorry about that, I really am. I promise... I literally have a bunch of posts all drafted. I just need to finalize them and add the graphics. I am particularly sorry to Andrea, John, and Fam'... yes you... because I've had a post about my GORGEOUS boots written for weeks (months?) and can't pull it together to just post it. Work has stolen my life, well, I gave it away, willingly... and then I've been sick... and busy... and now I'm just making excuses.

Regardless, I am sorry to all of my readers who check back for new posts. I am sucking big time... huh? Sigh. Anyways, if you only know me through this blog and the Internet- don't worry- I'm alive. And those who know me in real life, thanks for pestering me. I will get everything posted and updated ASAP.

I tried to find a picture of me pouting (to show how sorry I was), but turns out I am one of the happiest girls ever... so this is the best I could do:

I look pretty sad, right? Well... if not. I'm still sorry. Thanks for sticking with the blog, and I'll be back soon!