Monday, February 7, 2011


It has taken me FAR too long to publish this post. I feel AWFUL, that is for sure. This is one of the most important posts I'll ever make.

So, I have been seriously blessed with the most AMAZING family in the history of families. I had a very special childhood, with a ton of family gatherings with my extended family. I was a little firefly with long blonde hair who was always in a dress. Seriously- have I told you guys that? I didn't wear jeans until I was in like 4th grade. Literally.

Anyways, I have this really funny memory... I must have been about 5. I was all dressed up with my hair in braids and my older cousin, John, told me I looked nice. I paused whatever I was doing and said "I KNOW!" and promptly continued prancing and dancing and doing whatever it was I even did. Prancing seems about right. Maybe went and ate a corn dog or something. Don't worry, I've since learned manners and the proper usage of "Thank-You," and my family actually kept me around (whew).

So, fast forward a few years. I stopped prancing (not really, I still sort of cartwheel everywhere I go), and my cousin John decided to marry this GORGEOUS blonde, Andrea. And they proceeded to have the cutest kids of all time. Their family is seriously something I can only dream for some day. I have not always been certain that I want children (something that makes my parents a little nervous on the grandchild front). However, I started babysitting for them a few years ago, and it has honestly made me absolutely certain I must have a family of my own someday. Granted, that someday is really undefined... but I know when I am ready, a family is absolutely in my future. When I first started babysitting, it was Jack and Naomi... who I just adored. The pic below is of the three of us at a fashion show I did for a local boutique. They braved the cold to watch their cousin Kelli's big day:
Then, little baby Josie was born. I hadn't been around babies much. I've been around lots of "kids," you know... of the walking and talking variety... but never babies. Baby Jo is about the most presh little baby I've ever encountered. Here is a cute pic of all three last Halloween (Harry Potter, Batman, and the cutest chick of all time):
So, in November, they were in Malibu because Andrea was running in the Malibu Marathon (yeah... gorgeous, super-mom, and just runs marathons in her spare time). I got a voicemail from her, which I still have saved (because it was so special). The summary? They were in the most AMAZING outlet mall (the Camarillo outlets) and she didn't think she could be there without giving me a call. She then proceeded to tell me that she had read about how I was longing for some new shoes... and they'd love to pick out a pair for me. The rest of my afternoon was spent gazing at picture texts of amazing Kate Spade heels, Michael Kors ankle boots, and... the winners: DKNY knee high black boots. They had them shipped to my house... and when I saw the box on my front porch, I literally threw my purse in the snow and went running. My neighbors have a lot of reasons to think I'm nuts, and this added to it. I ripped my Uggs off right on the porch, and put on my new STUNNING boots. I have worn them at least 4 times a week this winter. They are SO comfortable, and perfect for work OR going out. I'm sure you've seen them in a previous post... but to refresh your memory, here is a pic:
I have never been so thankful, humbled, excited, or overwhelmed with a gift. It was one of the kindest things, and truly made my rocky 2010 worth it. It also helped me walk right into 2011, as stylish as can be. I could never say thank you enough... because these boots will be a staple in my wardrobe for years and years to come. I am so blessed to be in touch with such an amazing family, and I must say... they absolutely earned free babysitting for life. :-)


Anonymous said...

Ahh! I miss you & your spunkiness...not sure if that's a word but it fits! I just LOVE your blog & you! Pretty sure Ryan is following right along with :) Keep it up're so close to April!

<3 Sheena

Konrad C. Billetz said...

One sentence in this blog made me about pee my pants, and it was eloquently worded...

"'Kids', you know the walking and talking variety"

Damn near perfect wording

Another great post! I'll have another up by the end of the's like were in a posting battle royale

Kinsey Michaels said...

those boots are an amaaaaazing staple! lucky girl! they'll go with a bunch of things :)

Andrea Foster said...

Thank YOU, Kelli, for the most fun shopping experience I think I've ever had. BTW, I am printing out this post for the kids' "baby"-books. {I am NOT a scrap-booker -that would be an insult to anyone who is, I think.}