Wednesday, February 9, 2011


This blog post is not fashion related, nor is it StopShop related. It is completely irrelevant to my blog as a whole. However, it is the funniest text conversation I've EVER read in my entire life. And I had to share it, and it was far too long for a Tweet or status update. So my blog readers now get to enjoy what nearly killed me at work. Laughing. For. Days.

My best friend, Rachel, was at the Student Union building trying to study. You see, she is a very serious nursing student and is often so busy that some days we can only keep in touch through texting. But, I am super duper busy at work these days- so I looked down and it was like Rachel: 9 messages or whatever. Here it is:
  • I'm watching this real awkward interaction of the asking of a first date.
  • I can't freaking concentrate. They didn't know each other when I sat down. Now, they are going wine tasting this weekend.
  • This is so distracting. 
  • I keep looking over at them. It's so obvious I'm eavesdropping. 
  • Do people really just start chatting in public places and then go out that weekend?
  • This is so weird to me.
  • Oh sh*t now his friends have joined. They might just go to happy hour RIGHT NOW.
  • I'm not joking. How is this happening? 
  • Bless.
  • I'm sorry I'm blowing your phone up.
  • They finally left I can finally get back to reading. Omg I can't even believe how cool they acted.
  • A girl just sat down across from me. I will lose my sh*t if she asks me to a wine tasting.
  • You've GOT to get here. Who knows who will pick you up???
  • May I just mention when I said awkward I meant myself. Because I couldn't stop watching. They were cool as cucumbers. 
Maybe none of you think this is amazing. But it is the funniest thing ever. It is times like these I need a Tumblr account. Sigh. Ok, back I go to normal fashion blogging. 


hacksquat heather said...

hahahaha oh my gosh, that made me laugh. that is totally something I would do. lol

Human Sparkler ♥ said...

You have a great blog! I love it!
We just nominated you for 2 blog awards on our blog! Hope you haven't already gotten them!