Wednesday, March 30, 2011


This is my first video blog. It is very awkward. Enjoy.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Journey vs. Destination.

Here we are, 3 days left. Could I be more excited? NOPE. I really couldn't, this is thrilling. I have gone 362 days without shopping? MAGNIFICENT. Unbelievable. And SO glad it is nearly over. Why? Because I accomplished something that I never thought I would accomplish. And I'll be honest, it wasn't really as hard as I thought. It was just a matter of willpower.

So, the next couple of days- I will be treating you all to something called a Vlog (I think). No, it is not a disease or anything. It is a Video Blog. Maybe I'll just call it a Video Blog...Vlog makes my tummy hurt. Anyways, I am out of things to write about. That, or I am simply TOO EXCITED that I can't breathe and don't feel like writing. So I'd rather TALK, which is something I am super good at.

I am boarding a jet plane on THURSDAY and pointing it towards San Diego, California. I will video blog as often as possible... and there will be a cameo from BFF Rachel (whether she agrees or not). I thought this would be a fun way to end the year, and also an EASY way to show you everything I buy.

I also have a few announcements coming... but maybe I'll save those for next week. Needless to say, things are BLOWING UP this last week and I am stoked. Floating on a cloud.

So, with 3 days left... I find myself wondering what I've actually accomplished here. Is it the journey- the year without shopping, that I am excited about- or the destination. April 1, 2011... shop until I drop? You would think in this case, the destination wins. But NOPE. Believe it or not, this cliched blog post is about the journey...

A few years ago, I was driving up to Moscow, ID for a wedding. I don't know if anyone has made that drive, but I find the farmland BEAUTIFUL. I wanted to stop and take pictures, but the driver insisted we had to get there as quick as possible.  In fact, we were speeding so that we could get just past Moscow- to Spokane aka Nordstrom Rack. You know, we had to get some shopping in BEFORE the weekend began. So I guess this was a journey to shop. We were driving WAY too fast, I was carsick, I didn't get to take ANY pictures... and we got to Nordstrom Rack... and I found NOTHING I liked. So we went to regular Nordstrom, and again... everything SUCKED. The salesgirl was hellbent on me buying this stupid romper because she was wearing the same one and OMGWASNTITCUTE??? Nope, it sucked. We could have had an enjoyable roadtrip, but instead it was awful (full of fighting the entire time, um red flag anyone??)... and it wasn't even worth it at the end.

I mean, I get it, I am stretching it here. The metaphor is too literal. BUT IT IS A TRUE STORY, which I think is a nice touch. Anyways, yeah.... I am finally here- I finally will be able to shop. And that rocks. But more so, it rocks what I did. I don't care if I am bragging, I accomplished something that people said I was crazy to do. I DID IT. I didn't slip up, I was never found in a pile of jeans foaming at the mouth. I learned that I can do ANYTHING I choose, as long as I set my mind to it and have self control. The amount of willpower and self control I have is A LOT stronger than I gave myself credit for, which I think is pretty cool.

So basically, yeah, I may or may not be standing outside of H&M Friday morning, waiting for them to let me in. But the rest of my life, I won't remember every single shopping trip. Nope, but I WILL remember that time I went a year without shopping, and I'll be pretty proud of myself!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The photo above is not a stock photo. I did not Google "stylish woman in the 1950's." No, friends, THAT beautiful, incredible woman is my grandma. That is my dad's mom, Edith. It is my professional opinion that she was the most beautiful woman that ever lived. I was lucky enough to grow up down the street from my grandparents, and spent a lot of time admiring old family photos. I always, always asked Grandma if she still had those shoes, or that coat, or that dress. I spent a lot of time gazing at her purses and jewelry and wishing that when I was older, I could be as glamorous as her. Now my dad always laughs and says he could go 20 years without shopping, so maybe I didn't inherit my fashion sense from him- though Papa, Wranglers are pretty in this season!! Perhaps, I got it from Grandma. Perhaps my lifelong desire to be the most stylish girl ever started before I even realized and the seed was planted by looking at all these photos when I was younger. Sure, I could say that I just really love Lauren Conrad's style, or that Posh Spice is who got me into heels (in the 4th grade, fact). But I'm pretty sure the source is a little closer... so enjoy these family photos of my gorgeous Grandma. I know looking at them not only gives me outfit ideas, but really inspires me to try a little harder to get ready each morning. Stunning.

That's her. <3

In love with the smile and the boots :)

Even her casual clothes were classier than anything I own!

My aunts, Donna and Karen.
ALWAYS dressed to the nines.

Donna, Karen, the twins- Doug and Dave, and my dad.

I love the twins matching, and the girls' hats.

A more recent photo... I'd wear everything in it!

I hope you all can appreciate these photos, they are definitely very important to my family and our history. Sorry to my aunts and uncles for showcasing you in your younger years... but I hope you brought a smile to your face! I know looking through everything and choosing which ones to share was fun. **And may I just say, the Ryder genes are STRONG. I thought I saw photos of ALL of my cousins mixed in... turns out it was you guys :-)

Now if everyone will excuse me, I need to go clean out my closet of ALL ripped denim, flip flops, and threadbare tees.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

DIY Shoesies.

SO, turns out, I am pretty boring. I mean, in the past few months I have watched the ENTIRE series of The OC. I am about to wrap up season 4 meaning I literally have watched like years worth of TV. Also, Chris Brown is in this season-- who would have ever guessed that he'd go MMA on Rhianna's face a few years down the road??

Most nights, I lounge under 8 pounds of blankets and my cat. Bless her heart, she thinks I am a pillow. I think it is because it is SO cold outside. In the summers, I am always outdoors and being social, but these winter months have been ROUGH. I just like to be snuggled and asleep by like... 9:15. 

I do have a pretty creative side though- a side the TV has yet to melt. Considering my house cannot be decorated any more... I turned to my closet, and I fancied up some shoes! I had these AWFUL peep toe flat thingies from Target like 4 years ago. I wore them a lot when I had to wear black dress pants. But now I can wear skinny jeans all day every day (you know, because I have the best job ever), and these just didn't go. SO, I found some little flowers from Craft Warehouse and glued them on.

OK so lets all be truthful here. OMG I HATE THEM. Seriously. Okay, maybe not hate. But they just aren't as cute as I'd hoped.

BUT, the wheels started turning... and I remembered another pair of shoes I HATE but saved. When I was going to prom my senior year, I had this TO DIE FOR dress. I went to get some metallic flip flops because a) my boyfriend was short [sorry if you read this!! you're not SHORT, I'm just tall] and b) I never, ever wore heels then. But the sales guy was super duper aggressive and persuaded me to buy these metallic HEELS. He told me my legs looked stumpy (I had flip flops on at the time of purchase) and that if I bought these heels... well then I'd have supermodel legs. I believed him, ignoring the fact I had a LONG DRESS. Ugh, no one even saw my shoes and I looked WAY TOO TALL IN THE PICTURE GOSH PROM WAS RUINED. Well in all honesty, it was a combo of my shoes and my hair... I wanted long curls, and I ended up looking like Shirley Temple. Sigh.

Anyways. Here is how the shoes turned out! What do you think? I forgot to take a before picture, I got so excited to glue on the flowers. I think this outcome quite a bit. I think they'll be a fun going out shoe... oh I don't know, say if I was in Las Vegas?? GREAT, I am going there in May! Perf.

Thoughts? I am pretty stoked. And for those wondering, yes, I still have my prom dress that these originally were paired with. It is in my closet right now. I've been waiting for someone to invite me to a spring formal for adults. No one will. Rude.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


When I was a young little tot, I had very long, very blonde hair. It looked a little something like this:

When I turned about 14, I realized the joys of cutting it all off, bleaching it beyond all belief, or coloring it black. My hair has been through SO many phases... all of them complimenting where my life was at that time.





Who knows what you call this color:

Super Dark:

And the current look, long and blonde:

I can't choose my favorite, but there is something about having really long blonde hair that I just love. If I am ever in an outfit rut (UM HELLO, when am I NOT in an outfit rut???) I just make my hair pretty big and curled and know that at least I have that going for me.

I now work in the fitness industry, and maybe should focus more on my abs than my locks, but I still make plenty of time to see my stylist every 5 weeks on the dot. If I can't get new shoes, I can make up for it by having pretty hair.

Every five weeks, you will find me at Graeber and Company visiting my stylist Deseree. If you are in the Boise area, this is the place to go. The receptionists are super nice, the salon is gorgeous, and the stylists know their stuff. Granted, I may be partial to Miss Dez, and to be honest you REALLY, really should entrust your hair to her care... but she is a busy girl because her talent isn't quite so secret. So you need to call them, now, and schedule. 208.343.4915. She works wonders and I have never left bummed out because I didn't get what I wanted. PLUS, look at how CUTE she is:

It is my hopes that perfect hair will distract you all from the fact that I am an outfit repeater.  A lot of days, as you've seen, I pull the side braid look. But the past few weeks have been pretty rough. I hate my winter clothes and I am dying without new things. So I have been getting up a few minutes earlier and putting effort into curling my hair, straightening it, or trying new styles. I just really hope that people will compliment Deseree's hard work on the color and not notice that my jeans are worn out or my shoes have been on my feet for 8 solid days. AND, to top it off, once I can shop again, my hair will be AMAZING and then I'll have the combo of THAT plus a beautiful new outfit to really just shove my confidence through the roof. I have really learned that hair is totally part of fashion and your overall look and to put just as much effort into it as your clothes.

Hair totally sets your mood and is as much (if not more) a part of style as your earrings or dress. When I had super dark hair, I may have thought I was a Kardashian. Lots of black clothes, dark makeup, and tall tall shoes. When it was short, I was super into tshirts, jeans, and Chucks. THAT was a bad phase, totally not me. And now, I feel beachy chic. I am most comfortable with light makeup and ballet flats.

Hair is fashion in itself, and just another way to reflect who you are and who you want to be. Granted... being a blonde has its downsides. I need all my fingers and toes to count how many times I've been treated like a dumb blonde over the past month... but thats okay. Because if I were to color my hair back to dark, I wouldn't feel like myself. And lets be honest... long blonde hair has sort of always been who I am...

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Countdown is ON!

YES, it is true, we are in the final month of this journey. HOT DOG did that year go by fast OR WHAT?

Actually, for some of you you're probably like 'Does Kelli Ryder HAVE to continue this blog? Hasn't it been going on for like 3 and a half years?' Which is actually sort of how I feel when people are pregnant. Like jeez louise, some people seem to be pregnant longer than I've even known them, turns out they're only in their 5th month. Is that rude? Sorry to anyone I know who is pregnant, I'm not actually talking about you. I promise. Seriously, I'm not.

Anyways, YES we are in the final stretch, thank the heavens. AND I have a little countdown going on. I downloaded this great app on my iPhone:
And used this GORG photo from Chanel and as you can see, it promptly alerts me I have 18 days left.
EEEEEEK! Tomorrow, it will say 17 days. And then 16, 15... etc... etc....
**I don't actually hate my life, at all. But as I type this, I am wearing the oldest clothes in the history of time and I feel so stupid and boring. IS IT SO MUCH TO ASK FOR A PAIR OF CUTE, BRIGHT COLORED PAPERBAG TROUSERS AND NEW HEELS???
SO, as promised, lots of fun posts coming in the final month. Thanks for sticking with me... mostly through these last 18 days. Primarily because I saw a great tee at Target for $16.99 and genuinely wondered if anyone would know if I bought it then, or in April. I mean, what is a few weeks? I didn't buy it, obv, but let me tell you... I thought about it. And the idea of it promptly gave me a horrific facial rash. Actually, I had an allergic reaction to medicine. But we can pretend my hideous face condition was my conscience telling me NO.
Anywho, hope everyone is adjusting nicely to the time change, donating their extra money to Japan, and being grateful for everything they have. LOVE YOU ALL!

Spring Cheer.

In Rihanna's new song, she has (IN MY OPINION) the grossest line in the history of songs. I mean, great beat, love her voice... but lets be honest. She references a smell she is fond of. Google it. You may gag. Just being honest, it caught me off guard. The fact that my dad occasionally swings by this blog is making me refrain from typing it out... but if you know what it is, you'll all understand why it nearly caused me to drive my car into a tree. Barf. I guess I am easily surprised these days.

In all honesty, a lot of things have caught me off guard lately. I mean, the air is just full of change. For starters, Justin Bieber cut his hair. The realization I am 18 days away from shopping (how did it get here so fast?) and will soon join normal humans in purchasing things and not feel guilty for eyeing sale racks. And the fact that it is the middle of March- not for the fact I am ohsoclose to shopping, but that winter is vanishing. I stepped outside and I don't know what was in the air (certainly not the same thing that is in the air in Rihanna's song). But I took a deep breath in, and it did not smell like winter. It did not smell like cold... but instead freshness, newness. My lungs not only filled with fresh, March air, but the realization that with the season change comes change within me.

You all know I am a big Twitter fan... and yesterday, Lil Wayne (there is just a lot of hip hop reference for a post about springtime) tweeted "A wish won't change anything. A decision will." AND I just really like that. I could wish for a happy spring and summer, I could wish that the warm air will bring me all the happiness in the world. Or I could just decide that it will.

So I decided. I decided the next few months will just be the best of my entire life. And I just want to bring joy to myself and those around me.

Today, I decided my little bit of joy would be this purple J. Crew flower. Such a little thing, but it is the littlest things that bring us joy. Do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy, each and every day. If it means wearing an obsolete, unnecessary hair accessory, then so be it.

Thursday, March 10, 2011



I was perusing early today, and found this photo of Zac Efron. Zac is super hot, I love him to be quite honest. BUT LETS BE REAL HERE.


And, Zac, if you're trying to get your girlfriend back, its not going to work. Though, she may want to rendevous so she can borrow your jorts.


This is something I am very passionate about, fact.

Monday, March 7, 2011


So, I am just popping by to say HEY...

Yep, I am still alive. I just have not felt very motivated to write lately... and I don't want to give you a half assed post. I have a few drafted, but am going to wait until I am out of this funk to edit and publish them.

In recent news, I have 25 days left on this journey. And don't worry, I will get PLENTY more posts in before then.

Talk to you all soon =)