Thursday, March 17, 2011


When I was a young little tot, I had very long, very blonde hair. It looked a little something like this:

When I turned about 14, I realized the joys of cutting it all off, bleaching it beyond all belief, or coloring it black. My hair has been through SO many phases... all of them complimenting where my life was at that time.





Who knows what you call this color:

Super Dark:

And the current look, long and blonde:

I can't choose my favorite, but there is something about having really long blonde hair that I just love. If I am ever in an outfit rut (UM HELLO, when am I NOT in an outfit rut???) I just make my hair pretty big and curled and know that at least I have that going for me.

I now work in the fitness industry, and maybe should focus more on my abs than my locks, but I still make plenty of time to see my stylist every 5 weeks on the dot. If I can't get new shoes, I can make up for it by having pretty hair.

Every five weeks, you will find me at Graeber and Company visiting my stylist Deseree. If you are in the Boise area, this is the place to go. The receptionists are super nice, the salon is gorgeous, and the stylists know their stuff. Granted, I may be partial to Miss Dez, and to be honest you REALLY, really should entrust your hair to her care... but she is a busy girl because her talent isn't quite so secret. So you need to call them, now, and schedule. 208.343.4915. She works wonders and I have never left bummed out because I didn't get what I wanted. PLUS, look at how CUTE she is:

It is my hopes that perfect hair will distract you all from the fact that I am an outfit repeater.  A lot of days, as you've seen, I pull the side braid look. But the past few weeks have been pretty rough. I hate my winter clothes and I am dying without new things. So I have been getting up a few minutes earlier and putting effort into curling my hair, straightening it, or trying new styles. I just really hope that people will compliment Deseree's hard work on the color and not notice that my jeans are worn out or my shoes have been on my feet for 8 solid days. AND, to top it off, once I can shop again, my hair will be AMAZING and then I'll have the combo of THAT plus a beautiful new outfit to really just shove my confidence through the roof. I have really learned that hair is totally part of fashion and your overall look and to put just as much effort into it as your clothes.

Hair totally sets your mood and is as much (if not more) a part of style as your earrings or dress. When I had super dark hair, I may have thought I was a Kardashian. Lots of black clothes, dark makeup, and tall tall shoes. When it was short, I was super into tshirts, jeans, and Chucks. THAT was a bad phase, totally not me. And now, I feel beachy chic. I am most comfortable with light makeup and ballet flats.

Hair is fashion in itself, and just another way to reflect who you are and who you want to be. Granted... being a blonde has its downsides. I need all my fingers and toes to count how many times I've been treated like a dumb blonde over the past month... but thats okay. Because if I were to color my hair back to dark, I wouldn't feel like myself. And lets be honest... long blonde hair has sort of always been who I am...

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Shelby said...

Love this kel and how true. I have seen the many hair colors you have had and you are beautiful in all of them! Thanks for the shout out too... The 25 stylists love you for that and dez is amazing! Muah girlie!