Monday, March 14, 2011

The Countdown is ON!

YES, it is true, we are in the final month of this journey. HOT DOG did that year go by fast OR WHAT?

Actually, for some of you you're probably like 'Does Kelli Ryder HAVE to continue this blog? Hasn't it been going on for like 3 and a half years?' Which is actually sort of how I feel when people are pregnant. Like jeez louise, some people seem to be pregnant longer than I've even known them, turns out they're only in their 5th month. Is that rude? Sorry to anyone I know who is pregnant, I'm not actually talking about you. I promise. Seriously, I'm not.

Anyways, YES we are in the final stretch, thank the heavens. AND I have a little countdown going on. I downloaded this great app on my iPhone:
And used this GORG photo from Chanel and as you can see, it promptly alerts me I have 18 days left.
EEEEEEK! Tomorrow, it will say 17 days. And then 16, 15... etc... etc....
**I don't actually hate my life, at all. But as I type this, I am wearing the oldest clothes in the history of time and I feel so stupid and boring. IS IT SO MUCH TO ASK FOR A PAIR OF CUTE, BRIGHT COLORED PAPERBAG TROUSERS AND NEW HEELS???
SO, as promised, lots of fun posts coming in the final month. Thanks for sticking with me... mostly through these last 18 days. Primarily because I saw a great tee at Target for $16.99 and genuinely wondered if anyone would know if I bought it then, or in April. I mean, what is a few weeks? I didn't buy it, obv, but let me tell you... I thought about it. And the idea of it promptly gave me a horrific facial rash. Actually, I had an allergic reaction to medicine. But we can pretend my hideous face condition was my conscience telling me NO.
Anywho, hope everyone is adjusting nicely to the time change, donating their extra money to Japan, and being grateful for everything they have. LOVE YOU ALL!


Anonymous said...

Kelli you made it! Only a few short weeks away... so proud! :)

Rox said...

You should totally keep blogging! You're witty and hilarious and need to teach the rest of us about fashion, basics, essentials and what to spend on!