Saturday, March 19, 2011

DIY Shoesies.

SO, turns out, I am pretty boring. I mean, in the past few months I have watched the ENTIRE series of The OC. I am about to wrap up season 4 meaning I literally have watched like years worth of TV. Also, Chris Brown is in this season-- who would have ever guessed that he'd go MMA on Rhianna's face a few years down the road??

Most nights, I lounge under 8 pounds of blankets and my cat. Bless her heart, she thinks I am a pillow. I think it is because it is SO cold outside. In the summers, I am always outdoors and being social, but these winter months have been ROUGH. I just like to be snuggled and asleep by like... 9:15. 

I do have a pretty creative side though- a side the TV has yet to melt. Considering my house cannot be decorated any more... I turned to my closet, and I fancied up some shoes! I had these AWFUL peep toe flat thingies from Target like 4 years ago. I wore them a lot when I had to wear black dress pants. But now I can wear skinny jeans all day every day (you know, because I have the best job ever), and these just didn't go. SO, I found some little flowers from Craft Warehouse and glued them on.

OK so lets all be truthful here. OMG I HATE THEM. Seriously. Okay, maybe not hate. But they just aren't as cute as I'd hoped.

BUT, the wheels started turning... and I remembered another pair of shoes I HATE but saved. When I was going to prom my senior year, I had this TO DIE FOR dress. I went to get some metallic flip flops because a) my boyfriend was short [sorry if you read this!! you're not SHORT, I'm just tall] and b) I never, ever wore heels then. But the sales guy was super duper aggressive and persuaded me to buy these metallic HEELS. He told me my legs looked stumpy (I had flip flops on at the time of purchase) and that if I bought these heels... well then I'd have supermodel legs. I believed him, ignoring the fact I had a LONG DRESS. Ugh, no one even saw my shoes and I looked WAY TOO TALL IN THE PICTURE GOSH PROM WAS RUINED. Well in all honesty, it was a combo of my shoes and my hair... I wanted long curls, and I ended up looking like Shirley Temple. Sigh.

Anyways. Here is how the shoes turned out! What do you think? I forgot to take a before picture, I got so excited to glue on the flowers. I think this outcome quite a bit. I think they'll be a fun going out shoe... oh I don't know, say if I was in Las Vegas?? GREAT, I am going there in May! Perf.

Thoughts? I am pretty stoked. And for those wondering, yes, I still have my prom dress that these originally were paired with. It is in my closet right now. I've been waiting for someone to invite me to a spring formal for adults. No one will. Rude.



I love both pairs of shoes! Adorable. Great job. :) You've inspired me to DIY something myself...
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Anonymous said...

Love Ms. Kelli. Love the way you write! Keep it up :)

T.C. said...

I actually really like the flats with the flowers... I might need to do this myself; way cheaper than buying a new pair :)

Melly said...

Great DIY. Shall we follow each other? let me know =) I'd be happy