Wednesday, March 23, 2011


The photo above is not a stock photo. I did not Google "stylish woman in the 1950's." No, friends, THAT beautiful, incredible woman is my grandma. That is my dad's mom, Edith. It is my professional opinion that she was the most beautiful woman that ever lived. I was lucky enough to grow up down the street from my grandparents, and spent a lot of time admiring old family photos. I always, always asked Grandma if she still had those shoes, or that coat, or that dress. I spent a lot of time gazing at her purses and jewelry and wishing that when I was older, I could be as glamorous as her. Now my dad always laughs and says he could go 20 years without shopping, so maybe I didn't inherit my fashion sense from him- though Papa, Wranglers are pretty in this season!! Perhaps, I got it from Grandma. Perhaps my lifelong desire to be the most stylish girl ever started before I even realized and the seed was planted by looking at all these photos when I was younger. Sure, I could say that I just really love Lauren Conrad's style, or that Posh Spice is who got me into heels (in the 4th grade, fact). But I'm pretty sure the source is a little closer... so enjoy these family photos of my gorgeous Grandma. I know looking at them not only gives me outfit ideas, but really inspires me to try a little harder to get ready each morning. Stunning.

That's her. <3

In love with the smile and the boots :)

Even her casual clothes were classier than anything I own!

My aunts, Donna and Karen.
ALWAYS dressed to the nines.

Donna, Karen, the twins- Doug and Dave, and my dad.

I love the twins matching, and the girls' hats.

A more recent photo... I'd wear everything in it!

I hope you all can appreciate these photos, they are definitely very important to my family and our history. Sorry to my aunts and uncles for showcasing you in your younger years... but I hope you brought a smile to your face! I know looking through everything and choosing which ones to share was fun. **And may I just say, the Ryder genes are STRONG. I thought I saw photos of ALL of my cousins mixed in... turns out it was you guys :-)

Now if everyone will excuse me, I need to go clean out my closet of ALL ripped denim, flip flops, and threadbare tees.


Anonymous said...

This brought a smile to my face and a tear to my eye! I have been missing her more than usual this week. Thanks Kelli for a beautiful post!
Aunt Donna

Dave said...

Way to cool for words!! BTW, having had a tour of your own closet last week, I know for sure Grandma would have totally approved! Great seeing you and thanks for taking care of Nick….he really enjoyed being with you and meeting all of your great friends!!

Love ya….Uncle Dave

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kelli for sharing! I used to threaten her that she would have to be a bridesmaid (matron?) in my wedding and wear some strapless getup. She would throw her head back and laugh that laugh that made you wonder if she was ever going to take a breath... Anyway, I told her she would look fabulous even as a Grandma-bridesmaid. But oh her shoes back in the day.... DEFINITELY my fav.

~*~ amanda ~*~ said...

She was a very special lady and I miss her. xo

kathryn said...

Do you know how much you look like your Grandma in that first picture?!