Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Cheer.

In Rihanna's new song, she has (IN MY OPINION) the grossest line in the history of songs. I mean, great beat, love her voice... but lets be honest. She references a smell she is fond of. Google it. You may gag. Just being honest, it caught me off guard. The fact that my dad occasionally swings by this blog is making me refrain from typing it out... but if you know what it is, you'll all understand why it nearly caused me to drive my car into a tree. Barf. I guess I am easily surprised these days.

In all honesty, a lot of things have caught me off guard lately. I mean, the air is just full of change. For starters, Justin Bieber cut his hair. The realization I am 18 days away from shopping (how did it get here so fast?) and will soon join normal humans in purchasing things and not feel guilty for eyeing sale racks. And the fact that it is the middle of March- not for the fact I am ohsoclose to shopping, but that winter is vanishing. I stepped outside and I don't know what was in the air (certainly not the same thing that is in the air in Rihanna's song). But I took a deep breath in, and it did not smell like winter. It did not smell like cold... but instead freshness, newness. My lungs not only filled with fresh, March air, but the realization that with the season change comes change within me.

You all know I am a big Twitter fan... and yesterday, Lil Wayne (there is just a lot of hip hop reference for a post about springtime) tweeted "A wish won't change anything. A decision will." AND I just really like that. I could wish for a happy spring and summer, I could wish that the warm air will bring me all the happiness in the world. Or I could just decide that it will.

So I decided. I decided the next few months will just be the best of my entire life. And I just want to bring joy to myself and those around me.

Today, I decided my little bit of joy would be this purple J. Crew flower. Such a little thing, but it is the littlest things that bring us joy. Do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy, each and every day. If it means wearing an obsolete, unnecessary hair accessory, then so be it.

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