Thursday, September 29, 2011

I am Not an Artist.

I wish I was. But I am just not. I'm not. I try... I try to "sketch," but once I tried to "sketch" a peacock feather and it ended up looking like a Greek Salad. I used to be a "photographer" and not to toot my own horn (actually, I am absolutely tooting my own horn), but I won awards and stuff. But then I just decided I didn't want to take pictures anymore. It bored me. So there's that.

I can't sculpt, I can't paint, I can't even properly hot glue rhinestones on anything. The artist gene was handed to my really awesome big brother, Jake. He is fantastic. We used to watch these 'drawing videos' together, called The Secret City. It was this really cool dude, Commander Mark, and he walked you through each step to draw a SWEET picture. Here is Commander Mark now:

WHAT a stud. Jake's drawings always matched what was on the TV (a really cool city) while mine ended up looking like a rabbit or cloud or sandwich. It's ok, my parents are still proud of me for other things.

Anyways, Jake is STILL an artist, WHAT? I know. Rad. SO rad. He actually has this really legit website, where he sells his art. Furniture out of street signs or snowboards? YOU BET. Talk about sustainable furniture that will make your place look like you know what's up. I mean, Pottery Barn is old news. If you want a cool crib you should probably take a look.

And how about THIS? He just made the cutest jewelry I've probably ever seen. Fortunately for me, it was my lunch break when I stumbled across this FANTASTIC discovery and was able to call and place my order. Check is in the mail as we speak. WANT. All his info is on the card and really you guys, these are cute. I mean this is coming from me, who has plain "diamond" (cv...) studs in my ears right now. This would be such a cute addition to any boring outfit. "Oh, hey Kelli, you're wearing jeans and a vneck again? You're so boring. But wait, what are those? Are those mini Dick Tracy revolver earrings?" Yeah looks like I win again.

Please, visit JRydeVisuals and maybe check out his Etsy shop. It would behoove you to do so.


Timothy J Lamb said...

MARK KISTLER!?! i was a huge fan of the Imagination Station when i was a young lad!! loved it.

and Jake has some amazing skills. ill consider getting my ears pierced again just to wear those gun earrings... NOT. but they are sick!

Debi Ryder said...

What a great blog. I must confess I nearly bought that chair on ETSY the other day.

Georgi said...

interesting blog :) I like.