Thursday, October 6, 2011

Are we there yet?

My brain has been hurting and so has my heart over the outcome of my blog. Man, I sure blew it. Sure. Did. Let me explain...

I took on this huge ordeal of "one year without shopping." In that year, I moved, had my heart broken, changed jobs, dealt with family illnesses, and ultimately went on the biggest personal and professional rollercoaster life has given me yet. And, I did it all without my biggest coping mechanism- shopping. For that, I am very proud. Granted- there was one, NEAR breakdown in an Anthropologie dressing room. But, it was just that- near. And I walked out without a single new thing (even that beautiful blazer I still have dreams about).

When it was finally time to take my pretty plastic cards to Nordstrom, I did just that. I shopped, and shopped. And I still shop and shop. And for whatever reason, I hit a personal place where writing was no longer important. I didn't care. You know how after you do a really tough workout, or go through something traumatizing- and your body just aches and so does your mind? That is where I was. I did not have the capactiy in my brain to even write a word. I lost sight of this blog and its readers, I lost sight of the people who were waiting to see what I got.

How rude of me! Now, I must say... I'm a humble enough person that I find it odd that people cared. But you all really did! I took you on a journey of my highs and lows and then hoarded all my sparkly new belongings in my closet. Don't worry, I'm paying you back...

Right now, this blog is no longer called "StopShop." It is under construction and I am redoing the look, the feel, the topics, even the name. It will still be my voice, my vision, and my life. But I am swinging the doors wide open and blowing some glitter on it... literally.
I am excited and proud of where I'm taking this, and can't wait for the big reveal. Stay tuned, and don't mind the glittery dust that is around while I'm under construction.

One thing I can promise you is that writing is my true passion in life, and I'll not abandon that again. I want to create... and I do that with my words. So get stoked... because I definitely am.